Digital Health

Digital health is transforming how healthcare is organised and experienced, and digital health literacy is fundamental to the preparation of a future-focused health professional workforce.

Focus Monash Education

The Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University have collaborated to make explicit the digital health learning outcomes required of all health professional students. Through establishing a curriculum framework with common education needs, digital health is now being integrated across all health professional degrees in a consistent yet tailored way.

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The objectives of the digital health education framework are to:

  • Establish an overarching education framework for digital health at novice and entry to practice levels
  • Support the development and promotion of digital health curriculum within profession specific curriculum
  • Focus the development of educational resources to support the implementation of digital health learning outcomes across all the health professions


The health professions represented at Monash University are medicine, midwifery, nursing, nutrition and dietetics, occupational therapy, paramedicine, pharmacy, physiotherapy, psychology, radiography, radiation therapy, ultrasound and social work.

Courses vary in length from two-year postgraduate entry courses, to five-year undergraduate entry courses. Although beyond the scope of this health professional focused curriculum, the role of information systems and administration in digital health is acknowledged.


The curriculum is structured as a continuum rather than aligned to years of study. This enables the development of targeted learning programs, where the curriculum is used to plan in relation to learning needs, rather than assumed knowledge, skills or behaviours. Each topic includes learning outcomes explaining what students are able to understand and do at different levels. The achievement standards are provided in two levels with learning outcomes reflecting the emphasis within the stage of learning where:

  • Novice (Pre-clinical)
  • Entry to practice (Clinical)
The new curriculum is led by the Professor of Digital Health and Director of Collaborative Care. It expands on the existing Collaborative Care Curriculum Framework to prepare all health graduates for the digital health future.

Want to know more?

Contact Professor Chris Bain or Associate Professor Fiona Kent