Research reveals recoverable funds opportunity in Monash Medical Centre emergency department

An investigation into Australian public emergency departments has identified a recoverable cash flow potentially worth millions of dollars.

In a review of data involving 76,523 patients, a group of 2,737 patients could have generated a cash flow valued at $1.4 to $3.7 million, based on Medicare Benefits Schedule value and Australian Medical Association value, respectively. This involved an economic evaluation of billings for Transport Accident Commission, Workcover, and overseas visitor health fund patients in the emergency department.

The research was led by Monash University Lecturer and Researcher Dr Andy Lim, who is an emergency physician at Monash Medical Centre.  Dr Lim  believes that there are always ways to more effectively manage resources.

“When credit is given for services provided, this is then paid forward to keep our services sustainable. More resources should then translate to safer and more effective care,” said Dr Lim.

The methodology and results were presented nationally at the ACEM 36th Annual Scientific Meeting and has been published in the Emergency Medicine Australasia journal.