Monash Neuroscience researchers secure ARC Future Fellowships funding

Congratulations to Dr Harald Janovjak from ARMI, and Dr Leonardo Gollo from the Turner Institute, for their for Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowships. The new Future Fellowships were awarded to support 100 outstanding mid-career researchers to undertake innovative research in Australia.

Both these awards will contribute to the significant body of discovery research being undertaken in neuroscience at Monash University.

Monash University researchers secured the highest funding in Victoria receiving $13.9 million for 16 ARC Future Fellows.  Read the full story here.

Improving the understanding of brain ageing
Dr Leonardo Gollo - Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health - $750,183

Ageing is often accompanied by increasing forgetfulness, distractibility, inflexibility, and decreasing memory and ability to think quickly. This project focuses on better understanding the effects of ageing on the brain and aims to develop personalised, non-invasive, brain stimulation techniques to potentially alleviate these cognitive effects of ageing. The outcomes of this research could significantly improve understanding of brain ageing, and advance the fields of systems neuroscience, network science, and brain stimulation.

Novel methods for rapid and reversible activation of genes in cells and mice
Dr Harald Janovjak - The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute - $808,404

The project aims to develop novel genetic methods and instrumentation for the local, rapid and reversible activation of genes in cells and mice. Researchers expect to generate highly innovative light and sound-based technologies that will enable the study of living systems on the gene level with unprecedented precision.  This project intends to provide significant benefits, such as enhanced knowledge generation, multidisciplinary training opportunities and patentable technologies.