Monash on top in QS World Rankings

Student walking out of a building on Monash Clayton campus

The latest QS World Rankings by Subject 2022 have been released. We are proud to see they reflect that Monash has established itself as one of the best universities in the world in the field of medicine and health sciences due to our continued teaching excellence and research outcomes.

Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences is the University's largest research faculty and has established a reputation for the quality and impact of its research in healthcare and biosciences.

Over the years, Monash has become one of Australia's largest providers of education for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. Our Faculty has achieved higher rankings in every subject this year except Medicine, which is only down two spots. Meanwhile, for Pharmacy & Pharmacology, Monash is now ranked #1 in the world, ahead of Harvard at #2 and Oxford at #3.

Our Faculty's Deputy Dean of Education Wayne Hodgson was thrilled to hear the results of the rankings.

“The Faculty continues to excel across such a broad range of subject areas. Our staff have continued to deliver a high quality learning experience for our students despite the challenges of recent years. We are extremely proud of our students, and their flexibility and adaptability as they navigate the healthcare sector at this difficult time.”

Here are the subjects and the differences in their rankings In summary:

Anatomy & Physiology:

2022: 29
2021: 37



2022: 38
2021: 36



2022: 14
2021: 15

Now #2 in Australia (behind USyd) and still #1 in Victoria.



2022: 49
2021: 51

Now top 50 in the world.


Life Sciences and Medicine

2022: 33
2021: 35


Pharmacy & Pharmacology

2022: 1
2021: 2

Now #1 in the world.


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About Monash University

Monash University is Australia’s largest university with more than 80,000 students. In the 60 years since its foundation, it has developed a reputation for world-leading high-impact research, quality teaching, and inspiring innovation.

With four campuses in Australia and a presence in Malaysia, China, India, Indonesia and Italy, it is one of the most internationalised Australian universities.

As a leading international medical research university with the largest medical faculty in Australia and integration with leading Australian teaching hospitals, we consistently rank in the top 50 universities worldwide for clinical, pre-clinical and health sciences.

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