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World Pharmacists Day 2020

Pharmacists are not just medicines experts, but also the most accessible healthcare providers in the community. They play critical roles in the community, hospitals and other settings by supporting patients to take their medicines safely.

World Patient Safety Day

Monash University news

The vast majority of health care in Australia leads to good health outcomes. However, patients do not always receive the most appropriate care and preventable adverse events can occur. The issue of patient safety has been recognised as both a national and global priority by the Australian Government and the World Health Organization (WHO), respectively.

MIPS medicinal chemistry platform progresses partnered research programs via the Therapeutic Innovation Australia pipeline initiative

The Australian Translational Medicinal Chemistry Facility (ATMCF) and partners have received over $500,000 in funding for five different projects as part of the Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA) Pipeline Accelerator Initiative.

Can existing drugs be effectively combined to treat COVID-19?

Leading drug developers publish insights in three prestigious international journals.

A team of international researchers including experts from Certara, the Monash University’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cytel and McMaster University has published insights that guide selection and use of combinations of repurposed drugs to potentially treat COVID-19 disease.

Monash University news

Professor Bill Charman recognised for exceptional leadership by International Pharmaceutical Federation

Professor Bill Charman from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (FPPS) has been named as the winner of the inaugural Kamal K. Midha Award for Exceptional Leadership at the virtual International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) congress held this week.

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