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Only through community and collaboration can we achieve the best possible results. Together we aim to shift gears and change old ways of thinking. And we need people like you – your skills, your perspectives, your passion.

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Research Round Up: 27 March 2020

The Research Roundup has expanded to feature publications from across the Faculty. MIPS is releasing weekly summaries highlighting a selection of papers from each theme. If you have a recent publication that you would like to see featured, please email us and we'll pop it in the next edition.

New international collaboration showcases drug development potential

Monash University news

New research from Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS), in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute, Mayo Clinic, University of Auckland, University of Essex and University of Tokyo, has uncovered new structures of protein receptors, a step forward for the design of new drugs to treat heart attacks and infertility.

Monash University ranks #2 in the world for pharmacy and pharmacology

Third year pharmacy student completes pharmacy placement in Peru

Mia Fallon, a third year pharmacy student travelled to  Arequipa in Peru on a pharmacy placement to see the differences between healthcare in Australia and the developing world. She shares her experience with us below.

Monash University news

Intern pharmacist receives CMUS Best Research Poster Award

Austin Health intern pharmacist Airley Broomfield has won the Centre for Medicine Use and Safety (CMUS) Best Research Poster Award at the Monash University Pharmacy Intern Foundation Program (IFP) Research Night.

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