Professional Staff Awards

This award recognises the outstanding service in the provision of a high quality working environment for staff, and/or high quality learning environment for students through positive and engaging experiences.

2021 Alastair Thomas

Alastair commenced this role just as COVID-19 impacted on faculty events, but he has been able to adapt to the current environment, he has remained positive and he has great enthusiasm for his work with providing students with an inclusive, safe faculty experience.

In particular, Al worked closely with academic leadership to design and implement the PIES program, which promotes inclusion and belonging for international students. The program was so successful that it has recently received funding to be rolled out across another eight faculties.

Al has a great connection with students and staff with his friendly and inclusive personality.

2020 Winfield Jugo

Winfield Jugo is the Technical Supervisor in the Faculty Technical Resources team. He is responsible for the ordering of all chemicals, glassware and equipment for all D4 groups and undergraduate teaching. Additionally, Win manages the waste removal for all research themes- a job made more difficult due to COVID restrictions. Win's supervision of the COVID restrictions has enabled research to continue in a seamless fashion. He passionately supports Monash inclusive workplace culture by treating all new comers in a very positive manner. His office door is open to any staff or student who is seeking assistance with any research, technical or teaching matters.

2020 Jason Dang

Jason Dang is the Spectroscopy Facility Manager. He goes above and beyond in terms of the service he provides to Spectroscopy Facility users, and is very accommodating to even non-standard requests. Thanks to Jason’s leadership, the Spec Facility operates with an inclusive culture and is one of our most important learning environments. He trains research students and staff in many techniques and often runs advanced experiments. Jason is a master negotiator who has brokered some incredibly good deals for Monash at the time of equipment purchase.

2019 Nicki Penny

As the inaugural recipient of the Professional Staff Award, Nicki Penny was acknowledged for her dedication to providing high quality services to academic and professional staff at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Over many years Nicki has consistently applied her unwavering commitment as a professional team member, often going out of her way to ensure the ‘seamless’ operations that support our research, research training and teaching activities. Nicki thinks outside the box, and has made marked improvements in our operational workflows; has collaborated across the Department, Faculty and University to ensure best practice in her immediate workplace; and has introduced mechanisms for weekly events to support an enhanced culture for our students.