Joint program

Think big! We want to make you the next leader in international pharmaceutical, pharmacy and biomedical research.

We're training the next generation of leaders and putting their research onto the international stage with our elite Joint International PhD program with one of the top ranked UK universities, Warwick University.

Applications for admission and scholarship for the Joint International PhD with The University of Warwick are made through the online application system for the Monash Doctoral Program.

Explore the projects and supervisors available for the Joint International PhD programs.

Joint International PhD with Warwick University

The Monash Warwick Alliance offers a new model for research-led institutions to meet the global challenges of the 21st century. By accelerating the exchange of students, ideas and information and exploiting the opportunities offered by the two institutions, we intend to create a new approach to global  higher education.

A key aim of the alliance is to help meet the increasing student, industry and government demand for universities to produce graduates with a global education, and to undertake research that addressed world-relevant and strategically important problems. As part of this strategy we have introduced a new  model of PhD training, The Joint Doctoral Programmes (JDOs), allowing you to study at two innovative and internationally renowned institutions. This innovative model challenges traditional concepts and enables Monash students to spend part of their PhD at Warwick and receive a joint-badged PhD.

Visit the Joint Doctoral Programmes (JDPs) webpage for more information.