Abstracts Submission 2017

Abstracts submission is now closed

UPDATE:  2 June, 2017: Schedules for Contributed Papers, and Poster Snapshot and Chat sessions

Abstract queries contact: Abstracts.pes@monash.edu

Registration queries contact: info.pes@monash.edu

All Abstract Authors have been notified of their submission outcome including registration details (check Spam or Junk mail). Registration for Abstract Authors is required by 17 March (not 31 March) using the link provided in the confirmation email.

Abstracts for Oral and Multiformat Poster presentations

The Abstracts Subcommittee will consider work in progress, narrative presentations and work presented at other fora (although this must be clearly stated).

For both Oral and Multiformat Poster presentations, abstracts are being accepted across two themes:

  1. Education Research – encompasses work whereby specific hypotheses are tested and quantitative or qualitative data is presented
  2. Teaching Innovation/Sharing Practice – may involve presentation of data but is more focussed on sharing a novel teaching innovation or practice

Oral presentations will be 10-minutes duration followed by 5-minutes question time.

Multiformat Poster presentations will not be displayed on poster boards. Rather, posters will be made available in the following four ways. They will be:

  1. printed in a booklet
  2. presented in Poster Snapshot sessions, where authors present 1-minute oral highlights of the work delivered in conjunction with a single PowerPoint slide (no animations). Poster Snapshot places are limited, but it is anticipated most poster presenters will be offered a Snapshot session.
  3. discussed one-on-one with interested delegates following the Poster Snapshot session. These discussions occur prior to refreshment breaks and as such can continue into the breaks as needed. All poster presenters will be allocated to this opportunity.
  4. displayed electronically throughout the Symposium.

Prizes will be given for various categories such as best Oral presentation, best Multiformat Poster presentation and best Poster Snapshot presentation.

General Abstract requirements

All abstracts must be written in English with the body word count limited to 250 words (including references).

As required for the publication of abstracts in the journal Pharmacy Education, abstracts for ‘Education Research’ are required to include the following sections: Background, Aims, Method, Results and Conclusion. Abstracts for ‘Teaching Innovation/Sharing Practice’ must include the following sections: Objective, Design, Assessment and Conclusion.

A maximum of one table, figure or illustration is allowed. This can be attached as an accompanying file during submission – it should be no larger than 10MB and should be formatted as .pdf, .doc, .tif or .jpg. Up to five keywords can also be suggested. A maximum of eight authors is allowed per abstract.

Reference citations are based on the Harvard style of referencing. References (optional) should be alphabetised at the end of the manuscript text, in the following formats:

  • Books: Kozlowski, L. T., Henningfield, J. E., & Brigham, J. (2001). Cigarettes, nicotine, and health. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
  • Edited book chapter: Weinstein, N. (2001). Smokers' recognition of their vulnerability to harm. In P. Slovic (Ed.), Smoking: Risk, perception, & policy (pp. 81-96). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
  • Journal article: Perkins, K. A., Donny, E., & Caggiula, A. R. (1999). Sex differences in nicotine effects and self-administration: review of human and animal evidence. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 1, 301-315.

Additional poster submission requirements

If your abstract is assigned to a Multiformat Poster, the following is an overview of what you are required to prepare:

1. An A4-Poster with:

  • landscape orientation of Standard A4 size
  • font size 20 for titles/headings and a minimum of 10 for text blocks
  • standard fonts such as Calibri, Verdana, Times New Roman or Arial
  • a photo of the presenting author on the top left hand corner of the poster.

This A4-poster will also be displayed electronically throughout the Symposium.

Please refer to specific criteria emailed upon abstract acceptance.

2. One Poster Snapshot slide (if you are assigned to a snapshot session). The requirements for this are:

  • created in PowerPoint (or a similar presentation program such as Keynote)
  • landscape orientation with Standard Dimensions (4:3)
  • no animations.

Both the A4-poster and Poster Snapshot slide are due by 31 May 2017 to Abstracts.pes@monash.edu