What is the Intern Foundation Program?

Providing a structured program so you can fast-track the skills development of your interns.

The Intern Foundation Program (IFP) is an extension program that interns undertake concurrently with the Intern Training Program (ITP).

Throughout the IFP, interns complete workplace-based activities to help refine their core pharmacy skills and develop additional skills in service delivery, leadership, and innovation. Our team works with your site to structure a program that supports intern development in a manner that is relevant for your workplace.

For community and hospital pharmacy sites, the IFP provides opportunities to accelerate your intern’s development so they can provide greater value sooner.

How to become a IFP-accredited site

To become an IFP-accredited site relies on three key elements: the workplace, a Clinical Educator and the intern.

Workplace – Our team will ask your workplace to complete a brief survey and submit evidence (e.g. QCPP certification) that they are committed to provide a supportive learning environment

Pharmacist – We will work with you or a nominated pharmacist to develop a structured program specific for your workplace and to complete training to become a Clinical Educator. See below for more details about becoming a Clinical Educator.

Intern – We require the intern to enrol in the IFP, commit to the agreed workplace program and drive completion of the IFP activities at your site.