The Pharmacy Education Symposium Organising Committee greatly appreciates the contributions of the following organisations for their generous assistance in supporting a quality program and acclaimed speakers.

Monash Education Academy

Monash Education Academy - Through the 'Better Teaching, Better Learning Agenda', Monash University is challenging its teaching practices.

The Monash Education Academy is led by faculties and advocates training and mentoring initiatives that support our educators to address the changing needs of our student cohorts. Dedicated to encouraging the development of our educators, the Academy delivers a range of professional development initiatives to assist educators in their response to the changing needs of modern education and supporting students to learn more efficiently.

The Monash Education Academy also supports the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Education as part of its award suite, acknowledging excellence in teaching, research and performance.

Pharm edu

Pharmacy Education journal - for its ongoing support in publishing abstracts of the Contributed Paper sessions.

As a forum for teacher-practitioner communication, the Journal emphasises teaching and learning methods, new curriculum and syllabus directions, guidance on structuring courses and assessing achievement and dissemination of new ideas.

thera guide

Therapeutic Guidelines - for its donation of prizes over many years for the Contributed Paper and Poster sessions.

Therapeutic Guidelines Limited is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which aims to promote the quality use of medicines through its range of guidelines. Characterised by their comprehensiveness, authority, convenience, currency and reputation, the guidelines are based on latest international literature, interpreted by some of Australia's most eminent and respected experts, and take input from an extensive network of general practitioners and other users.


Elsevier Australia, who donate of book prizes for winning presenters from the Contributed Paper and Poster sessions.

Elsevier Australia is a dedicated publisher of scientific and medical textbooks for the Australian and New Zealand market.

Beyond Elsevier textbooks, Elsevier Australia offer assessment solutions and an ever-increasing amount of eBooks and other electronic content. Working with the most respected researchers, academics and professionals in Australia and New Zealand, Elsevier Australia sets a high standard for quality.