Host a placement student

  • Interested in hosting a student?

    Please contact our Student Experiential Placements (“StEPs”) Office by email at or the StEPs unit coordinator Simon Furletti at

Authentic workplace experiences are a major pillar of our BPharm(Hons)/MPharm degree. We believe they are an essential part of preparing our students for the future of healthcare, and within this new degree students have placements that are earlier, enhanced, and occur more often than ever before.

By the time they start their internship, our students will have spent a minimum of 90 days on placement. This means our industry partners in both community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy departments are integral to the development of our future pharmacists and we are building a deeper collaboration between the faculty and our placement sites to ensure great experiences for both our students and their preceptors.

With this increase in placement time for our students, we have placed a major focus on ensuring that students are able to support pharmacy functions, while also increasing their understanding of pharmacy in different practice settings.

Watch the video below to see how we’ve structured placements to minimise the burden on you, and to ensure that students are as helpful to you as possible.