Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science

There are a number of ways you can study pharmaceutical sciences with us. Read on to discover the differences between our course variations.

Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

A pharmaceutical science degree from Monash will springboard you into an exciting career. Your understanding of the powerful interplay between chemistry and biology will set you apart from the crowd.

Learn what it takes to invent, develop and approve a new medicine from internationally renowned scientists. You’ll also get lots of time in the lab, working with industry-standard research instrumentation.

During the course, you’ll have the opportunity to align your interests with particular aspects of the drug discovery pipeline.

For example, you might be attracted to Drug discovery biology. Drug discovery is about gaining an understanding of what causes
different types of diseases and how current medicines work at a molecular level to treat them. You’ll get hands-on experience designing experiments to identify and test new biological targets for the development of novel drugs.

Or you might be drawn to Medicinal chemistry, which represents the intersection of biology and chemistry, and involves the development of potential pharmaceutical compounds from conception through to their clinical use. You’ll study how drugs work, and how they’re designed and made. By applying the principles and techniques of organic chemistry, medicinal chemists discover and develop compounds that prevent, treat or cure disease.

There’s also Formulation Science, which enables you to understand the principles of designing pharmaceutical products and how medicines are absorbed and travel around the body to the site of action. Drawing on techniques used in the pharmaceutical industry, you’ll also learn how to formulate chemical products in a wide range of applications, such as consumer products, cosmetics, paints and food.

Regardless of the area you choose to focus on, the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science is designed to enable you to work, collaborate and explore different areas of the drug discovery pipeline upon graduation.

Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Advanced Honours)

In addition to the three-year Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, we have the option for students to undertake a four-year Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Advanced Honours). This version of the program is ideal for students who are interested in undertaking a significant research component as part of their studies. The third year of the degree includes an extended placement in one of our world-class pharmaceutical research groups, giving you the skills and independence to conduct a substantial research project in your fourth (honours) year. Upon completion of an honours year, students are eligible to apply for a PhD.

If you're considering this four-year program, you may be eligible to apply to the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Advanced Honours) Scholars Program. This course is for very high achieving students, and includes exclusive extension and networking opportunities alongside the coursework. Domestic students also receive a $6000 per year scholarship.
Note: For domestic students or onshore international students applying through VTAC, this course is a separate VTAC preference. International students applying direct to Monash can make an application direct to this program.

It's also worth nothing that if you're unsure whether you want to study the three-year or four-year program, no matter which course you start in, there are options for you to transfer out of the (Advanced Honours) program, or complete a standalone Honours year after three years of study.

Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences / Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)

Combining chemical engineering with pharmaceutical science, this double degree is unique in Australia and rare worldwide. Not only will you learn how to invent and test new products such as pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics, but you will have the know-how to manage the product process beyond the laboratory stage.

This double degree allows you to graduate as a qualified engineer capable of covering the full spectrum of the pharmaceutical product design and production process.

Pharmaceutical engineers work in all aspects of the design and production process, from experimenting with innovative formulations
to manufacturing commercialised products. A pharmaceutical engineer might:
- design, develop and improve industrial processes and equipment for large scale chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing
- plan and test methods of manufacturing
- devise production processes that are safe, efficient, profitable and environmentally sound
- develop and implement cleaner production technologies.

The degree is also unique in that it is taught between two Monash campuses – Parkville and Clayton. You’ll study Years One and Three at Parkville, and Years Two, Four and Five at Clayton.

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