Course material and Moodle access dates

Course material

A list of required and recommended course material for your enrolled unit(s) is available on Moodle.

Moodle access dates

Access to Moodle sites is available 1 week prior to the commencement of the unit(s) you are enrolled in. Please refer to table below for more information.

Unit Code Unit Title Teaching Period 2023 Moodle Access date
Applied pharmacy practice 1
Applied pharmacy practice 2
To be confirmed
Foundation practice 1
Foundation practice 2
Semester 1
Semester 2
To be confirmed
PGC5101 Evidence based practice Semester 1 20 February 2023
PGC5102 Advanced therapeutics 1 Semester 2 17 July 2023
PGC5107 Introduction to clinical research Semester 120 February 2023
PGC5108 Clinical research 2 Semester 217 July 2023
PGC5109 Clinical research 3 Semester 120 February 2023
PGC5110 Infectious diseases pharmacotherapy Semester 120 February 2023
PGC5113 Dermatology Semester 2 17 July 2023
PGC5115 Geriatric pharmacy practice Semester 120 February 2023
PGC5116 Geriatric disease state management Semester 217 July 2023
PGC5117 Mental health Semester 217 July 2023
PGC5118 Palliative care Semester 1 20 February 2023
PGC5119 Professional practice portfolio Semester 1 20 February 2023

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