Employability Intensive

What is the Employability Intensive?

The Employability Intensive is a week-long program designed to assist students in becoming career-ready graduates. With an emphasis on broadening student understanding of a career in pharmaceutical sciences, students build their online profiles, meet prospective employers, visit workplaces, learn about the necessary skills and qualifications required for their future in the workforce and prepare their professional future.

What does the Employability Intensive involve?

  • Workshops designed to upskill students through resume building, harnessing networking tools such as LinkedIn and interview preparation.
  • Guided visits to allied companies that recruit Pharmaceutical Science graduates
  • Interviews with industry professionals to allow students to foster professional relationships and practice interview skills
  • Networking with industry mentors and alumni
  • Upskilling students on workplace capabilities
  • Sessions to work through graduate recruitment processes

For industry partners and alumni

Employability Intensive events are not possible without the support and participation of our industry leaders and alumni. Our partners dedicate their time and introduce students to the world of pharmaceuticals in the workforce. You can get involved by organising a site visit, participate in one of our networking sessions or choose both activities. If you’re interested in getting involved, email Dr Laurence Orlando.