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Pharmacy event calendar

Pharmacy Employability ExpoApril This event offers pharmacy employers the chance to meet with students and present potential career and internship opportunities. The Expo also allows students to develop a better understanding of the diverse range of jobs open to them.Alastair Thomas
Kirsten Galbraith

Pharmaceutical sciences event calendar

Pharmaceutical Science Employability ExpoApril This event allows allows pharmaceutical science employers and students the chance to network and discuss career opportunities and pathways to achieve their career goals. Students will also be able to develop a stronger understanding of the pharmaceutical science job sector. Alastair Thomas
Laurence Orlando
Employability Intensive Second half of the year A week of events targeted at Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science students and Honours students. Events include presentations and workshops on structuring resumes, developing a strong professional profile and refining interview capabilities. Students also visit various industry sites to better understand the career opportunities available to them upon graduation. Laurence Orlando