Stan Robson Rural Pharmacy Equity Scholarship

Overcoming distance

This $6000-a-year scholarship is awarded every year to a school leaver, from a rural or isolated area, who commences the first year of a pharmacy course at the faculty.

The four-year scholarship supports students facing financial hardship, with special consideration given to Indigenous students.

Dr Graeme Robson generously established the scholarship to honour his father, Stan Robson, a 1931 Victorian College of Pharmacy graduate, who practised pharmacy in Hamilton, western Victoria, for 60 years.

When establishing this scholarship to honour his father, Graeme Robson said:

"I want to acknowledge the generous and thoughtful support given to me by my father in encouraging my career and fostering those values of fairness, loyalty, personal responsibility and integrity that he regarded as so important to living. I wish to acknowledge this by awarding a scholarship in a sphere of interest that was particularly dear to my father: the practice of pharmacy and the intellectual stimulation of the science of pharmacy. I hope to assist those who are less fortunate, in particular, rural students and Indigenous scholars who may wish to obtain training in pharmacy."

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How to apply

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How you can help

If you would like to make a difference to a future student, please consider donating to an existing scholarship today.  To discuss setting up your own named scholarship or award, please contact Marian Simkin, Alumni and Foundation Officer, on +61 3 9903 9087 or email

Meet the 2020 scholarship recipient

Angel Chau, Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) / Master of Pharmacy

"I was shocked when I received the scholarship. I did not really believe that I would be able to get this scholarship from a pool of other applicants.  I would like to express my gratitude and thanks for your support. It is an incredible honour and privilege to get this  opportunity to help me with my studies financially and it means a lot.  Thank you. "     Angel Chau

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia.  Since my parents had to sacrifice their education to help support their families, they raised me to understand the power of knowledge and worked hard for me to receive a proper education.  As I continue my studies, I have gradually understood how education can be a vital tool in becoming consciously aware of what is going on around the world as well as enables me to form an opinion of my own that is based on gaining knowledge.

It was not until my mum had suggested the profession of pharmacy that prompted me to believe that it may be the best suited career for me.  Even though I wanted to develop a career that would also financially help my family, I realised I wanted to leave a legacy that lies in helping and supporting people.  This is because I tend to find happiness from helping others and prioritise people over myself because they are worth helping.  Although I am still on an unknown journey towards achieving a successful career, I want to make an impact that involves me trying to spread good in the world.

Therefore, I decided to start my tertiary education at Monash University by studying Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)/Master of Pharmacy.  During my final year of schooling, I decided to choose Monash University because of the excellent reputation I had heard from my relatives and felt that it was the right university to help me achieve my career dreams.

Growing up as the oldest sibling, I immediately took on the responsible role of helping my brothers in times of need.  From then onwards, I wanted to dedicate my purpose to helping others but I was never sure of how I could help people.  I had contemplated between becoming involved in the healthcare field and performing arts field.

Part of my career goals also consisted of me pursuing music as well because I also have found joy in making others happy.  Currently, I am hoping to achieve a foundation of knowledge that will prepare me for my pharmacy career while learning music on the side that will also keep me occupied during this health crisis.

This year, I am working at finding strategies that will assist me with the transition from high school to university, especially during the current circumstances.  Despite being glad that I am able to adjust my life to work under the growing pandemic of COVID-19, it has concerned me for those who are deeply affected including my family.

Past recipients of The Stan Robson Rural Pharmacy Equity Scholarship

2018Shanae Stayner
2017Yamna Kanwar
2016Laura Robinson
2015Chian-Chir Lim
2013Caitlin Hand