Michael Keith Halprin Scholarship

A very generous gift made by 1967 Pharmacy alumnus, Michael Halprin will ensure academically talented students wishing to study pharmacy, but without the financial means to do so, will now be able to pursue their dream.

Michael has established the Michael Keith Halprin scholarship fund that will finance a $500 annual scholarship for at least the next ten years.

Michael said it was his hope to be able to fund the Halprin scholarship in perpetuity and he has made provision in his will to accomplish this. The scholarship will be awarded to a Year 12 Australian citizen on the basis of ATAR score and demonstrated financial need and be administered through the Monash Scholarships Office.

Michael comes from a family of pharmacists. His father and two of his uncles were pharmacists and Michael did his traineeship under his father, Harry.  He initially owned a pharmacy in East Brunswick before joining forces with fellow Monash graduates Didimo Tonelli and Luigi Pierri to purchase pharmacies in Broadmeadows, Essendon and Ripponlea.

How to apply

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How you can help

If you want to make a difference to a future student, please consider donating to an existing scholarship today. Or, to discuss setting up your own named scholarship, or other award, please contact Chantelle Shaw, Alumni and Foundation Officer, on +61 3 9903 9087, or by email pharmacy.foundation@monash.edu.

Meet the 2018 scholarship recipients

Wan Ying Xia, Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) and Master of Pharmacy

Firstly, I would like to thank you from the depths of my heart for this scholarship. It is a great honour to be one of two students to be chosen for this in 2018.

I am currently a first year pharmacy student studying at Monash University. I recently completed a science degree and decided that Pharmacy was something I would like to pursue and I am now studying Pharmacy.  I have many motivations for pursuing pharmacy.

Firstly, I have a thirst for knowledge about diseases so I aim to learn everything I can about diseases and how it can be treated.

Secondly, it is another way to help those who are struggling. I know a few people (family and friends) who are currently taking drugs due to mental illnesses and I want to be there for them socially, psychologically and medicinally. In the future, I want to make sure that my family, my friends and all my patients are taking the right drug so they can improve their life one step at a time.

Thirdly, I just want to show to others how amazing Pharmacy is. Pharmacy is a subject that involves a range of topics in one and the complexity makes it different to other areas.

This scholarship will assist me in many areas, particularly as I come from a family which is struggling financially.  It will also decrease financial stresses while I try to pursue more in pharmacy such as volunteering (I am currently volunteering for the homeless, so this is another step), and pursuing leadership roles (such as a peer support).

I will be able to increase the time studying to become a better person who is fit for pharmacy - someone who is more knowledgeable, compassionate, empathetic, and a leader who can help those who are lost. I want to be someone who can be of assistance to others.

I am currently applying for a leadership role (becoming a mentor for next year’s first year students), and applying for a pharmacy job/volunteering to gain more experience. I hope to get a job in a hospital pharmacy in the future because I want to feel challenged, see different perspectives, and gain experience.

Thank you very much for your scholarship.

Reza Khalili, Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) and Master of Pharmacy

I am a former refugee student who arrived in Australia in 2009 without any prior education. Since then, I having been working my way up the education ladder in Australia. Throughout these years, I faced many challenges with financial challenges being the biggest one.

As someone alone and independent, and having no financial support, financial stress was always with me and still is today. The journey was hard to start and is still challenging.

I chose Pharmacy because medical science fascinates me, and love working in the health industry. As a pharmacist in training, I am hoping to contribute to the health sector by bringing innovation and solutions especially in pharmaceuticals.

I hope that I can use this opportunity to best of my ability and return the favour by bringing changes in pharmaceutical and health industries in general.

The scholarship will release a tremendous weight from my shoulder and relieve those financial stresses that often becomes a barrier to studying to the best of my ability. The study will boost and support my studies in many ways including living costs and buying required stationary.

To say thank you would not be enough, as support like this is vital for students who are in my situation.

Past recipients of the Michael Keith Halprin Scholarship
2016An Thuy Anna Nguyen
2015Hong Chien Martin Phan
2014Anna Diep