Course variations explained

The Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)/ Master of Pharmacy is our standard undergraduate degree, and our most popular course. There are two variations on this course, which this page outlines.

P6001 - The BPharm(Hons)/MPharm

Our combined Bachelor/Master of Pharmacy allows you to complete two degrees over five years. This is the same time period it would take to complete a single bachelor degree and the internship required prior to registration.

Unlike the majority of master’s degrees, the full course is Commonwealth Supported Place - or “CSP” - funded. That means it’s subsidised by the federal government and you pay lower fees than you would with non-CSP-funded master’s courses. The final year of the course, which you’ll complete at the same time as a 48-week paid internship, is a half load (24  points), so you only pay half as much.

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P3001- The standalone BPharm(Hons)

Pharmacy - P3001  is a standalone Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours), with no associated Master component. It is only available to two groups of students:

  • International students. The standalone BPharm(Hons) is a four-year degree. It gives international students the flexibility to return home and meet the registration requirements of their home country’s pharmacy board.
  • Graduate Entry students. Students who commence via the graduate entry pathway in 2018 will go into the BPharm(Hons). From 2019 on, all commencing graduate entry students will go into the BPharm(Hons)/MPharm. This is because we are rolling out the new program year by year, so we will not commence teaching third year of the new program until 2019.

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Scholars Program

Both the standalone BPharm(Hons) and the BPharm(Hons)/MPharm offer a scholars program for very high achieving students. Students in the scholars program study the same coursework and sit the same assessments as students in the standard program, but also receive: