Extension may be granted if the request is made prior to the assessment due date.

Please direct your request for extension to the Unit Coordinator by email including your Course Director.

Extension may be granted for up to one week.  Any extension request beyond one week requires submission of an in-semester special consideration application.

Penalties for late submission

If you submit an assessment after the due date without an approved extension, the penalty will be 10 per cent per week (or part thereof). This means, there will be a 10 per cent penalty for assessments that are 1-7 days late, 20 per cent for assessments that are 8-14 days late, etc.

Absence/illness - online discussions

If for any reason you think you may be unable to log in to your discussion group for several days, for example you are unwell, notify your moderator/unit coordinator via Moodle e-mail. Your moderator/unit coordinator will then know why you are not contributing and questions will not be directed to you. If you are going to be absent for a longer period (more than one week), you must also notify the Course Director, and submit an in-semester special consideration application.