Indigenous students

Indigenous students

If you're an Indigenous Australian and want to improve the health of communities across Australia, then consider a pharmacy or pharmaceutical science degree with us.

Scholarships and support

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences will consider fee-free places for Indigenous students on a case-by-case basis. Please contact The William Cooper Institute to discuss your options. The William Cooper Institute provides ongoing study support for all Indigenous students through a dedicated tutoring program, Indigenous Academic Enhancement Program (IAEP) and many other tailored student support services.

Further, if you happen to be living in a rural area, you may want to consider applying for the Stan Robson Scholarship, which was developed to assist students who don’t live close to the campus. The University also offers many scholarships for Indigenous students.

Choose your pathway

There's more than one way to gain entry into a pharmacy or pharmaceutical science degree at Monash.

Pathway 1 - I have passed the year 12 prerequisites

If you've passed the required year 12 prerequisite subjects — English, Maths Methods and Chemistry — you should consider studying with us, regardless of your ATAR score.

Apply through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) and complete a Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) application, under Category 1: Personal information and location (Recognition as an Indigenous Australian).

Pathway 2 -  I don't have the year 12 prerequisites

Here at Monash we adopt a flexible admissions policy for all Indigenous applicants. If you haven't completed the required year 12 subjects, contact the faculty or the William Cooper Institute for advice on your other options.

One of those could be completing the first year of a science degree before transferring into a pharmacy or pharmaceutical science degree. The Bachelor of Science is offered via the Monash Indigenous Entry Scheme. This entry scheme provides direct admission into a range of undergraduate degrees at a significantly lower ATAR.

Pathway 3 - Monash Indigenous Access Program (MIAP) 

The Monash Indigenous Access Program (MIAP) is a 6 – 12 month scholarship-funded bridging program which prepares students for entry into a variety of undergraduate degrees at Monash University. This bridging course is taught across Monash College and Monash University and caters for students that:

  • haven't completed Year 12
  • graduated on a non-ATAR pathway
  • received an ATAR under 50
  • are mature aged with no previous study experience.

The Indigenous Non-Award Pathway (INAP) is a part-time version of the MIAP.

To find out more about Indigenous student pathways to our pharmacy or pharmaceutical science courses, contact the Indigenous Student Recruitment Coordinator:

Allira Jones
William Cooper Institute
T: 0438 608 896