Monash Pharmacy Education Symposium 2013

Teaching for Learning: 8-10 July, 2013

The Monash University 2013 Pharmacy Education Symposium presented a unique opportunity to explore teaching and learning in the modern pharmacy curriculum.

A range of methodologies were explored in the framework of new technologies, socially networked students, institutional realities and emerging understandings of learning.

Topics for discussion included:

  • Active learning techniques versus traditional teaching methods, and other methods for effective undergraduate and postgraduate teaching
  • Achieving equivalent learning outcomes for small and large groups
  • The learning-technology interface
  • Evaluating teaching, resources and learning outcomes
  • Teaching methods to develop life-long learning skills in students
  • Student-centred teaching methods for effective pharmacy education
  • Peer-assisted learning.

Plenary presentations


Day 1, 8 July 2013

Event Event title Presenter
Plenary session 1:
Teaching for learning in pharmacy 
Better teaching, better learning - a continual challenge for Pharmacy? Darrell Evans
The way and why of teaching Andrew McLachlan
Plenary session 2:
Maximising opportunities for learning on campus
Abandoning the integrated approach to pharmacy education Barrie Kellam
Provocation-based learning P.K. Rangachari
Performance-based learning... the Top Gear Approach Tina Brock
Plenary session 3:
Education Innovation Forum
Active Learning Masterclass with demonstrations of pre-, during and post-class learning activities  P.K. Rangachari
Ian Larson
Paul White 

Day 2, 9 July 2013

Plenary session 4:
Teaching for learning online
Using the virtual environment to link teaching and learning: A trip to the zoo Tina Brock
Defining the role of a virtual learning environment for student learning? Darrell Evans
Plenary session 5:
Hypothetical Group Discussion
'Of horses and water: Learner engagement with pharmacy curricula'

Zubin Austin
Ian Bates

Workshops Workshop details: abstracts and learning objectives  
Symposium dinner Hosted at La Limonaia  

Day 3, 10 July 2013

Plenary session 6:
Teaching for learning in the workplace
Perspectives on interprofessional student learning in a simulated clinical environment Neil Cottrell
Educating pharmacists on their journey from intern to advanced practitioner Ian Bates
Kirstie Galbraith
Workshops Workshop details: abstracts and learning objectives.
There will be two workshop sessions running

Closing session

Summary of Symposium discussions Andrew McLachlan
Official close Prizes and thank you