Master of Pharmaceutical Science

Launching in 2022, the new Master of Pharmaceutical Science will equip students with the knowledge and skills that they need for a career in the pharmaceutical sector, as well as in related industries such as cosmetics and food manufacturing.

About the program

This course takes the students on a journey through the drug discovery and development pipeline, with detailed investigations of:

  • Target identification
  • Drug design and optimisation
  • Product formulation and analysis
  • Clinical trials
  • Regulatory processes
  • Employability skills

It uses a range of teaching and learning methods, including case studies, hypotheticals and laboratory experience, to highlight and address key issues and challenges in the pharmaceutical and related industries. Students will have the opportunity to interact with and learn from industry and research leaders as they take a deep dive into what it takes to discover and develop new drugs.

Students will gain hands-on experience in a range of analytical, formulation, modelling and other techniques relevant to the practice of contemporary pharmaceutical science. The guiding principles of social responsibility, sustainability and positive impact underpin all learning in this course.

The course culminates in an extended placement in an industrial or research organisation. The placement is integrated with a capstone unit that gives students the chance to consolidate their learning across the entire degree, giving them a folio of evidence that demonstrates their value in a professional environment.

More information about the program is available here. From 1 October 2021, the course handbook entry will also be available here.

To be eligible for the program, you need to have completed a Bachelor’s degree in either Pharmaceutical Science, Biomedicine, Science or Engineering. The program has three entry levels, and the below table shows what entry level you qualify for depending on your Bachelor studies and grades. If you are an international student, English requirements must also be met.

Entry Level

Minimum qualification and grade

Entry Level 1
96 points to complete

Duration: 2 years full time

This entry point is available in semester one only.

An Australian bachelor degree (or equivalent) in Science or Biomedical Science or Engineering in an appropriate discipline (e.g. Chemical, Biomedical or Material) with at least a credit (60%) average.

Entry Level 2
72 points to complete

Duration: 1.5 years full time

This entry point is available in semester two only.

An Australian bachelor degree (or equivalent) in Pharmaceutical Science with at least a credit (60%) average.

Entry Level 3
48 points to complete

Duration: 1 year full time

This entry point is available in semester one only and will be offered from 2023.

An Australian bachelor honours degree (or equivalent) Pharmaceutical Science with at least a distinction (70%) average


An Australian bachelor honours double degree (or equivalent) in Engineering and Pharmaceutical Science with at least a distinction (70%) average.

Full fee 

Course offers for this course will be for full fee paying places. Eligible domestic students can apply for FEE-HELP, a Government loan scheme.

Commonwealth Supported Place (domestic students only)

There will be a limited number of Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) available for 2022, across both Entry Levels 1 and 2. Places will be awarded entirely on the basis of academic merit.

To be considered for a CSP place, you need to first accept your offer for a full-fee place prior to the offer lapse date. For Entry Level 1, a ranking of students will take place after 31 January 2022 and successful students will be transferred to a CSP by mid-February.

Note: Dates for Entry Level 2 will be updated on this page later in the year, but the process will be similar.

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