Student Industry Placement

In their third year of study Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science students have the opportunity to put their capabilities to the test in via a four week industry placement.

The faculty is very grateful for the role our industry partners play in developing the professional skills of our students.

Industry feedback has always been very positive, and the success of the program has resulted in some great partnerships between the faculty and partnering organisations.

Become a placement host

Industry placements are formulation focused and run in September each year. Students can integrate a project team already in place, or work independently on a project of your choice. Industry partners are welcome to take more than one student, should they have appropriate projects.

Students have capabilities in

  • formulation principle
  • methodology (design of experiments)
  • analytical skills (especially HPLC).

These capabilities enable them to work on formulation, analytical and regulatory projects.

Choosing your placement student

Industry partners are given the opportunity to interview and select their placement student. This enhances the chance of having the right student placed with the right company.

The faculty organises a time for our partners to meet and interview students interested who are interested in being placed with your company. The final student based on allocations will take into account the outcome of these interviews, student preferences, and student performance. We are confident that this method of interviewing enables a more successful placement in your company which opens the door to future placement or employment opportunities..

Looking to recruit?

Many of our students have obtained summer placements or work as a result of this industry placement. The placements offer a great opportunity for your organisation to get a better understanding of a student’s skills, knowledge and fit for your organisation.

If you are looking to recruit we also have a strong network of current students and past graduates.

Student assessment

As part of our ongoing commitment to your company and to our students, a faculty representative will visit yourself and our student while they are on placement to attend the student’s presentation which forms one part of the assessment for this unit. This presentation is very important for the student to be able to professionally present in front of their mentors and others who are interested in their work.

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