Organise a student event

Student clubs have access to Parkville venues for functions and meetings, however all bookings must follow the correct procedures outlined below.

Priority will be given to teaching activities at all times. When planning an event that will be involving amplified sound or lots of noise, please let the Senior Student Experience Officer know. These events will only be approved if they don't interfere with teaching.

Booking a room or organising a student function - step by step

1. Check with MPSU (or PPA for graduate student events) that your event doesn't clash with another club event.

2. Submit an event proposal to the faculty

After confirming that your proposed event does not clash with an MPSU/PPA event or other club event, complete the Parkville On-Campus Student Group Event Proposal Form at least 10 working days prior to the planned event date.

See the Parkville teaching spaces map, for a full list of social and event spaces, noting that all teaching spaces are available for bookings when not in use for teaching.

Please ensure that all aspects of the form are complete and that relevant documents are attached. Providing as much detail as possible will enable your proposal to be processed efficiently. For event or booking advice, please contact the Senior Student Experience Officer.

Variations to requests for spaces, including additional spaces, may not be available so check space requirements at the time of booking.

3. Confirmation of your booking

Once you have submitted the online form, you will receive a confirmation of your proposal via email. It is your responsibility to check the details are correct.

The proposal will then be assessed by the Senior Student Experience Officer, who may request additional information (please provide in a timely manner). If approval is given, the proposal will then be forwarded to the Education Programs Team who will allocate an appropriate space. They will then be in contact with the details of the booked space.

Events must not be advertised until approval has been obtained.

Organiser's responsibilities

  • Please note the organising committee is responsible for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of event participants. For more information on risk assessment please refer to the Monash University Occupational Health and Safety Policies and Monash COVID Safe Plan.
  • The organising committee will nominate member/s (depending on function) to take responsibility for the function, including liaising with security if required.
  • The organising committee must take attendance during the event for contact tracing purposes. The Senior Student Experience Officer will discuss this with you before the event.
  • The organising committee will nominate the address and contact details of one executive member to allow the faculty to bill the committee for security, cleaning, set-up costs, etc.
  • The organising committee will ensure that the details of their event are communicated to the Senior Student Experience Officer via the Parkville On-Campus Student Group Event Proposal Form.
  • The organising committee will ensure that it is compliant with food handling and responsible service of alcohol laws.


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