Course variations explained

Which pharmaceutical science course is right for me?

Firstly, what's the difference between the three-year Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science, and the four-year Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science Advanced (Honours) programs?

Some of our students want to complete their degree, get out there and start working. For them, the three-year Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science is the perfect pathway into a career in the pharmaceutical sector or any of its allied industries such as skincare, cosmetics, chemicals or even food manufacturing.

Other students find that their natural curiosity and passion to work on innovative research attracts them to a degree with a significant research component. For those students, the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science Advanced (Honours) is ideal. The third year of the degree includes an extended placement in one of our world-class pharmaceutical research groups, which will give you the skills and independence to conduct a substantial research project in your fourth (honours) year. Upon completion of an honours year, students are eligible to apply for a PhD.

The Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science Advanced (Honours) Dean's Scholars Program

Further, if you're a very high-achieving school-leaver looking to enrol in Pharmaceutical Science Advanced (Honours), note that we have a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science Advanced (Honours) Dean's Scholars Program. You'll receive a $6,000 per year scholarship (domestic students only), and access to additional networking and mentoring opportunities. To be eligible for this program, you'll need an ATAR of 98 or equivalent. This program is for school leavers only, and cannot be transferred into.

Still considering whether the three-year or four-year program is right for you? 

Don’t worry – no matter which course you start in, there are options for you to transfer out of the Advanced (Honours) program, or complete a standalone Honours year after three years of study.

Now, what's this five-year double degree with Engineering all about?

Combining chemical engineering with pharmaceutical science, this double degree is unique in Australia and rare worldwide. Not only will you learn how to invent and test new products such as pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics, but you will have the know-how to manage the product process beyond the laboratory stage. Another unique feature about this degree is that it's taught cross-campus; students complete their entire first year at Monash Parkville (first year Pharm Sci), then commence their first year of Engineering at our Monash Clayton campus. The third year of study is back at Parkville, and then the final two years are completed at Clayton.

FAQ: I'm not too sure whether I should study only Pharmaceutical Science, or the double degree?

It's important to remember the double degree graduates you as a qualified Engineer, and the program only allows for you to complete the first two years of the Pharmaceutical Science degree. If your aim is to become an Engineer with a background in pharmaceutical science, this program is perfect for you. If you want a more comprehensive education in pharmaceutical science, our standalone degrees may be more suited to you instead. And remember; there is opportunity to change your mind whilst you're studying with us; you may decide to complete pharmaceutical science only after experiencing some study in Engineering, or you may want to try to transfer into the double degree after a year or two or studying pharmaceutical science.