Course variations explained

P2001 - Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science

The Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science will equip you with the skills to improve human health and wellbeing by researching and developing more reliable, accessible and effective treatments and products. You will learn about the chemistry, biology and technology of medicines and other formulations. You  will also acquire the knowledge and practical skills that are critical to the discovery and development of new pharmaceutical products and therapies.

A common core of study of the foundations of pharmaceutical science during the first 18 months will prepare you to make a choice between different disciplines in drug discovery and formulations:

  • formulation science
  • medicinal chemistry
  • drug discovery biology

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P3002 - Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Advanced Honours)

Monash has designed this advanced version of the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science for high-achieving students who want to pursue honours studies and a career in pharmaceutical science.

With the teaching expertise of one of the largest and most productive groups of pharmaceutical researchers in Australia, you will learn how to develop reliable, accessible and effective medicinal products and translate new drug targets into treatments for patients.

Studies will begin by developing your understanding of the foundations of pharmaceutical science. Your undertaking of a specialisation follows, with a choice from:

  • formulation science
  • medicinal chemistry
  • drug discovery biology.

The honours research program will extend your discipline knowledge and provide you with a high level of expertise in critical writing, thinking and independent analysis and research.

NEW for 2020 - Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Advanced Honours) Scholars Program

We are excited to announce a new pharmaceutical science course offering for very high-achieving students - the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Advanced Honours) Scholars Program. This program follows the structure of the four-year Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Advanced Honours) course, and includes exclusive invitations to the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences seminar series, and a Dean's function. Domestic students are also eligible for a $6,000 per year scholarship.

Professor Michelle McIntosh, Pharmaceutical Science Course Director, explained why the faculty has decided to introduce this unique program: “According to a 2017 analysis by Nature, Melbourne is behind only Boston and London when it comes to biomedical research. At the same time, medical technology and pharmaceuticals are Victoria’s most valuable high tech export.In order to maintain our strength in these areas, it is vital that we attract the best and brightest. This is what the new Scholars Program is designed to do,” said Professor McIntosh.

The indicative ATAR for the course for 2020 is 98.

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E3008 - Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science

Combining chemical engineering with pharmaceutical science, this double degree is unique in Australia and rare worldwide.

Chemical engineers can design, run and troubleshoot production facilities, but their training typically excludes the skills to develop pharmaceutical and related products. Similarly, formulation scientists can invent and test new products such as pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics, but they lack the  know-how  to  manage  the  product  process  beyond the laboratory stage.

This double degree produces professionals capable of covering the full spectrum of the pharmaceutical product design and development process.

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