Honorary graduates

The University’s honorary graduates are highly distinguished leaders, recognised for their scholarship, professional distinction, outstanding community service or contribution to the arts, industry or business. Such recognition, conferred by the University Council, is one of the highest honours the University can award an individual.

The recipients of honorary awards (honoris causa) have made outstanding contributions in their respective fields and communities.  A full roll of Monash honorary graduates is available through Monash records and archives. Our faculty is proud to be closely associated with the following recipients:

Valentino John Stella
Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at The University of Kansas in the US. Valentino John Stella was awarded a Doctor of Laws honoris causa on the 13 May 1997.

Geoffrey Norman Vaughan
Past Dean and Past Deputy Vice-Chancellor Dr Geoffrey Vaughan received a Doctor of Laws honoris causa on the 26 April 2007.

Ho-Leung Fung
Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University at Buffalo, the State University of New York, in the US, Ho-Leung Fung had a Doctor of Laws honoris causa conferred on him on the 8 May 2008.

Paul Michel Georges Remi Vanhoutte
Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Hong Kong, Paul Michel Georges Remi Vanhoutte received a Doctor of Laws honoris causa on 31 May 2012 for his outstanding international contributions to medical research and his highly significant and impactful contributions to the University's research programs.

Kamal K Midha 

Kamal K Midha 
Dr Kamal K Midha was president of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), from 2006 – Sept 2010. A Doctor of Laws honoris causa was conferred Dr Kamal K Midha on the 6 June 2013 and recognised his accomplishments and major contributions to pharmaceutical science and global health.

Professor Brian Kobilka MD
Nobel Prize for Chemistry recipient Professor Brian Kobilka MD, was awarded a Doctor of Laws honoris causa on 7 August 2014 for his research into G protein-coupled receptors.

Bob Blouin Professor Robert A. Blouin
Bob Blouin, Dean of Eshelman School of Pharmacy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Doctor of Laws honoris causa on 25 May 2017 for his contributions to education and research.
Jean-Pierre Changeux 

Emeritus Professor Jean-Pierre Changeux
Jean-Pierre Changeux, one of the world’s most eminent biological scientists, received a Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa on the 19 September 2017. Dr Changeux is an Emeritus Professor at the College de France and Institut Pasteur in Paris.