Let's get together

It may seem like only yesterday you were waving goodbye to your classmates and starting your new journey as a graduate. Before you know it, the years have flown by and it’s time for your class reunion.

Participating in a class reunion is not only a chance to reconnect with all your old friends, it can also provide you an opportunity to look back and see how far you and your peers have come since your days spent in Parkville labs and lecture theatres.

Each year, graduates from the Victorian College of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences get together to find out what's happened in their lives and the faculty since they last met. Many of these reunions take place at the Parkville campus.

If you want to organise a reunion, the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Foundation can help you contact graduates from your year or hold your reunion on campus.

Organising a reunion

Getting started

If you're interested in getting together with old friends from the faculty, take the time to consider these questions:

  • Who you want to invite – a particular year, group or course?
  • What kind of event do you want to organise – lunch, dinner, morning or afternoon tea, cocktail party?
  • Do you want to include partners/families?
  • How are you going to fund the event?
  • Can you participate in a reunion organising committee? (which must be formed for a reunion to proceed)

The Foundation can offer to:

  • search the graduate database for the names of people you might like to invite (for example, all alumni who graduated in 1976)
  • forward invitations on your behalf and receive RSVPs
  • arrange the venue and catering, in consultation with you, if you want to hold the reunion on campus
  • help publicise your event in Monash Alumni e-News, our faculty magazine Alchemy, alumni events and the Guild and Pharmaceutical Society newsletters.
  • For all reunions, please allow for an opportunity to promote the work of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Foundation and Faculty, which supports students in need and faculty research.

Contact us

For further details or to discuss your next reunion, please contact your Alumni and Foundation Officer on or phone +61 3 9903 9087.

Upcoming Reunions

Expression of Interest for class of 1964 Reunion

The Reunion Organising Committee is looking for Expressions of Interest to attend the class of 1964 reunion of those who completed the new course.  This is expected to be held in August 2018.

If you are interested, please contact the Alumni and Foundation Officer via email:

Class of 1998 20 Year Reunion

Contact the Alumni and Foundation Officer via email:

Class of 2008 10 Year Reunion

Contact the Alumni and Foundation Officer via email:

Which Class Do You Belong To?

Reunions are based on the year of graduation, not the year in which you completed your internship or classes. This means a graduate who completed their final academic year in 1991, belongs to the class of 1992. Please contact us for confirmation of your graduating year if you are unsure.