Let's get together

It may seem like only yesterday that you were waving goodbye to your classmates and starting your new journey as a graduate. Before you know it, the years have flown by and it’s time for your class reunion.

Participating in a class reunion is not only a chance to reconnect with all your old friends, it can also provide you with an opportunity to look back and see how far you and your peers have come since your days spent in Parkville labs and lecture theatres.

Each year, graduates from the Victorian College of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences get together to find out what's happened in their lives and the faculty since they last met.

If you want to organise a reunion, the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Foundation can assist you with contacting graduates from your year.

Organising a reunion

Getting started

In order to ease the workload that often comes with event coordination, consider organising a small group from your year to assist with organising your reunion.

We recommend starting to plan your reunion at least four months (or ideally about eight or nine months) in advance of the reunion date to allow plenty of time.  By planning your event in advance, this will allow individuals time to plan ahead if they are travelling from interstate or overseas.

When selecting a date and time, it is important to consider public holidays, school holidays and other events coinciding with your reunion, as well as considering whether your event should be held on a weekday or weekend.

The Pharmacy Foundation can assist you with communicating the reunion with your former classmates by:

  • posting your reunion details on our social media channels
  • publishing reunion details on this webpage.

You may also find it helpful to refer to the Monash University Alumni Reunions guide.

If you need help with identifying your classmates, we can assist with this as well. The Graduation Ceremonies Database is publicly available on the Monash University Archives website and is a valuable resource for finding a list of your classmates.

Which class do you belong to?

Reunions are based on the year of graduation, not the year in which you completed your internship or classes. This means a graduate who completed their final academic year in 1991, belongs to the class of 1992. Please contact us for confirmation of your graduating year if you are unsure.

Update your details

Update your details to keep in touch with the latest reunions and events. You can update your details and communication preferences on our online form.

Also, join us on our Monash Pharm LinkedIn page. This LinkedIn page is specifically for Victorian College of Pharmacy alumni and Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences alumni to stay up to date with the latest news.  We will advertise any upcoming reunions on this page.

Let us know how your reunion went

We would be delighted to hear how your event went, so please send through some photos and a brief update of your reunion.

Further information

For further advice and support, please contact contact Marian Simkin, Alumni Relations Coordinator on +61 3 9903 9087 or email