M5021 Graduate Diploma of Health and Science Research

How to locate a supervisor and project?

On receipt of your conditional offer, you are required to contact the relevant discipline co-ordinator for approval of a project and supervisor. Please see below lists.

Medicine Disciplines you are required to:

Medicine, Nursing and Health Science Disciplines co-ordinators

Research Discipline

Discipline Convenor Contact


Biomedical Science

Dr Shae-Lee Cox
Email: Shae.Cox@monash.edu

BMS4100 (36 Credit points)

BMS4200 (12 Credit points)

Emergency Health

Dr Kelly-Ann Bowles
Email: kelly-ann.bowles@monash.edu

BEH4100 (12 Credit points)

BEH4200 (12 Credit points)

BEH4300 (24 Credit points)


Dr Gulzar Malik
Email: gulzar.malik@monash.edu

NUR4401 (12 Credit points)

NUR4402 (12 Credit points)

NUR4403 (12 Credit points)

NUR4404 (12 Credit points)

Nutrition Science

Dr Kate Huggins
Email: kate.huggins@monash.edu

NUT4111 (6 Credit points)

NUT4121 (18 Credit points)

NUT4122 (24 Credit points)


Dr Dawson Kidgell
Email: dawson.kidgell@monash.edu

PTY4010 (12 Credit points)

PTY4020 (12 Credit points)

PTY4030 (24 Credit points)

Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences Professor Marilyn Baird SRH5003 (12 credit points)
MAP5000 (12 credit points)
MAP5001 (12 credit points)
MAP5002 (12 credit points)

Science Disciplines Co-ordinators

Research Discipline


Astrophysics Dr Amanda Karakas

Biological sciences

Areas of study encompassed in Biology Honours are:

A/Prof Anne Peters
Chemistry A/Prof Mike Grace
Earth science Dr Laurent Ailleres
Materials science Dr Nikhil Medhekar
Mathematics and statistics Dr Yann Bernard
Physics Dr Amanda Karakas

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