Chemwatch is an online chemical management system that provides access to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and allows areas to create their local chemical registers to help keep track of their chemical inventories.

SDS Access

If you only want to look up SDSs the following link will provide you with generic access: Chemwatch MSDSs

Establishing a Chemical Register in Chemwatch

From Jan 1st 2021, Chemwatch will become the mandatory tool for areas to establish their chemical registers.

For detailed instructions on establishing a chemical register in Chemwatch click HERE.

Accessing Existing Chemical Register

To access your existing chemical register in Chemwatch, use the following link: Chemwatch Chemical Register

  • Domain: monashuni
  • The username and password can be obtained from Monash OH&S. Please email

New SDSs

If you have a complaint Australian SDS that you would like to add to Chemwatch, please email a pdf copy of the SDS to


Chemwatch Manifest Template

Further Help

If you have any problems with Chemwatch please contact or x51016 or OHS Administrators: