Chemwatch is an online chemical management system that provides access to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and allows areas to create their local chemical registers to help keep track of their chemical inventories.

Users can also generate chemical labels and create custom mixtures.

To learn more about the features and functions of Chemwatch, consider completing the online “Chemwatch SDS and Chemical Register application” training in myDevelopment.

Training on specific Chemwatch modules is available via the eLearning facility accessible in the top right-hand corner from the Chemwatch interface.

Establishing a Chemical Register in Chemwatch

From Jan 1st 2021, Chemwatch will become the mandatory tool for areas to establish their local chemical registers and as such will become the University Chemical Register.

For detailed instructions on establishing a chemical register in Chemwatch and the information on Monash Chemwatch Administrators roles, click HERE.

SDS Access - Autologin

Click on the link below if you are looking for a SDS.

Chemwatch SDS

Chemical Register Access Information

To access area specific chemical register (manifest), please follow the instructions below.

Monash Domain Administrator (Level 2):

Contact or peter.sofos@monash.eduif you require to be set up as the Domain Administrator in Chemwatch for your area.

Monash Local Administrators (Level 3):

  • Step 1 – First time access: Click on the “Chemwatch Register” button to self-register in Chemwatch. At this point, you will not see any manifest folders.
  • Step 2: Contact the Domain Administrator (Level 2) for your area to request access. A list of Domain Administrators at Monash University can be found below.
  • Step 3: When the Domain Administrator notifies you that your account has been set up in Chemwatch, you can access your register via the “Chemwatch Register” button below at any time.

Monash Local User (Level 4):

You will need to follow Step 1 outlined above to self-register. To be granted access to the required folders, you will then need to contact your Local Administrator. Typically, this would be your lab/workshop supervisor, group leader or someone who is responsible for managing chemicals in your area.

Note: All Chemwatch Administrators are required to complete the online Chemwatch Monash Administrators training in myDevelopment.

Access Your Existing Chemical Register

Chemwatch Register

New SDSs

If you have a compliant Australian SDS that you would like to add to Chemwatch, please email a pdf copy of the SDS to



Further Help

If you require assistance with Chemwatch, please contact or x51016 or OHS Administrators:

Listing of Monash Domain Administrators