Andrew Llewelyn

Andrew Llewelyn

Andrew Llewelyn

  • Student type: Domestic
  • Degree type: Double Degree
  • Year commenced: 2015
  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Science and Engineering (Honours)
  • Major(s): Applied mathematics
  • Minor(s): Physics

Why did you decide to study Science?
When I finished school, I had my mind set on studying Engineering at Monash, but I wanted to have something extra on my resume to make me stand out to employees. So I decided on a double degree, and as I have always enjoyed learning how things work and why things happen, Science was a natural fit. Simply, I wanted to be studying something that I was interested in, so I would enjoy my time at University and also have more career options that would appeal to me.

What made you choose Monash University in particular?
I chose Monash because it is so highly regarded by the community, and in particular, employers. I talked to leaders at Engineering firms and staff at CSIRO before I finished school, and they all said the same thing; they would love to take students from Monash. Those talks were pretty influential in me deciding Monash, and with the University being close to home (and having reliable parking), it was also an incredibly practical destination.

What is your favourite aspect of studying Science?
I really enjoy having so many options in my Science degree. The Engineering side of my degree is quite restricting, with a large majority of subjects being compulsory. The Science degree is a lot more flexible and because Science is so broad and has so many options, I am only doing subjects that I am really interested in.

What do you plan to do when you graduate?
When I first started at Monash, I thought that I would head into Mechanical Engineering down the track, but since starting the Science degree I have begun looking into careers in Atmospheric Science and Astrophysics. These were fields that I had not really considered previously, but I have developed interest in them through the degree. Meteorology is an area that I would like to work in as it is field that incorporates my interests in Atmospheric Science, Maths and Physics, and could possibly give me opportunities to innovate new designs to apply my Engineering skills.

If you were talking to a VCE student who wanted to study Science but wasn’t sure which Uni to pick, what would you tell them about Monash?
I would tell them that the lecturers at Monash are amazing. The lecturers are really interested in what they teach, which makes them so much more enjoyable to listen to. It also means that they are more than happy to help you out individually if you are finding something difficult to grasp, or if you are in the other boat and going strong, they love to talk to students who want to learn more. The lecturers at Monash truly care for their students.

What has been the highlight of your Science degree so far?
Honestly for me, the highlight has been mingling amongst other students. I studied Geology in my first year and I found the practical work quite difficult. I enjoyed learning about the tectonic processes in the lectures, but analysing rocks and working out the relation between the surface rocks and the region’s rock cross-section was tough for me. However every week I still looked forward to the lab classes just to meet up with a few of the students, who became close friends, and even some of the demonstrators. Geology had been a subject in which I did not know anyone doing it previously, but you meet people through all your units and make new friends.

Do you have a favourite teacher? What is it about this teacher that you love?
My favourite teacher would have to be Burkard Polster. I had him for my first maths unit and he really got me excited for University maths. Burkard is the most enthusiastic teacher I have ever had and clearly loves what he does. He would make every theorem, proof, whatever he taught sound as if it was the most remarkable thing you have heard. What makes him even more special is that he clearly reads the room really well, because just when you feel a little tired, he breaks from the lecture for just a minute to show you a fun, little quirky fact related to the lecture that gets you back switched on.

What was the biggest misconception you had about studying Science before you started your course?
The biggest misconception I had was that I thought that you wouldn’t get any help on a personal level, because there are just too many people to look after. I have found out that you have so many opportunities to seek assistance at Monash, with formal programs like Peer Mentor or just going into subject specific study sessions. The lecturers are always willing to help out as well, so if you do find something difficult, there are plenty of people who can help you out.

Are you involved in any extra-curricular activities? What have you gained from these activities?
The last two seasons I have played for the Monash Blues Football Club. Outside of Science, football is my biggest passion so I was desperate to keep playing. It has turned out great, with our team being quite strong, but crucially the club prides itself on being a strong social club, so you get to know all the boys well. As a result of the social side of the club, I have improved my communication skills, but also I have developed more contacts which could one day be crucial in me getting a job. Many players I have spoken to have actually said that they got their job through networking at the club. As an added bonus, the club is related to the University, so I get to see a lot of the team around the University, giving me a few more friendly faces to see around campus.

Anything else you would like to share about your Monash Science experience?
Monash Science provides you with a chance to gain a deep understanding of what interests you, which is pretty special, so make sure you take the opportunity and actually do what interests you. Challenge yourself to put a lot of hard work in to really get the most out of the degree and enjoy your University life. That way you will have a lot of fun and you will come out of University having set yourself up for an exciting career.