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Science Advanced - Global Challenges (Honours)


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Have you got the edge?

If you love science, are curious, adventurous, creative and are searching for a truly unique education experience, then this is the course for you.

Science holds the key to solving some of the most complex challenges of our time. But science alone cannot accomplish change. We need leaders, innovators, adventurers, inspirers, and game-changers.

We need a new generation of science graduates with an edge.

Have you got what it takes to be one of just 25 students accepted into this course? A course unlike any other in Australia?

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Think Science. Lead Change.

What is Global Challenges?

This is a science degree with a difference — the only course of its kind in Australia. In addition to studying the science discipline of your choice under the watchful eyes of some of the world's leading scientists and academics, you will receive high-level training in leadership, persuasive communication, entrepreneurship, policy, ethics and corporate social responsibility.

You will graduate with Honours from the Bachelor of Science Advanced – Global Challenges (Honours) leaving Monash University with a rich and diverse set of skills, a strong mentor network and the confidence to pursue a meaningful career.

You will be perfectly placed to pursue employment with the world's leading consultancies, businesses, governments, and other institutions. As a graduate, your skills will enable you to use scientific reasoning and knowledge to address complex global challenges, lead and inspire others and to convert your ideas, potential and ambition into tangible solutions.

Why Choose Global Challenges at Monash

LEADERSHIP: Working directly with industry and community leaders, you will build a strong understanding of leadership, the importance of building an authentic personal ethical framework, and how to build and inspire cohesive, effective teams.

PERSUASIVE COMMUNICATION: Through interactive and intensive training, you will hone your skills as an effective and confident communicator across a range of formats. You will also learn how to effectively pitch your ideas and interact with media to communicate your message.

OFF-CAMPUS RETREAT: During the first week of the course. Successful applicants must attend.

INTERNSHIPS: During your course you will immerse yourself in two internships, at least one of which will be an international placement.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Under the guidance of inspiring and successful leaders and mentors, you'll gain practical, hands-on experience in entrepreneurship.

REAL-WORLD PROBLEM SOLVING: The summit of your experiences will be a year-long project. You will work with your peers and in partnership with an external organisation to tackle an issue of real global significance. Mentored by successful external leaders, you will work in small teams to develop innovations and solutions to approach the issue from scientific, policy, social and business perspectives.

MENTORS: We have built key relationships with successful alumni and community leaders who have already made a significant impact in the world, so our students can come face-to-face, learn from and interact with the world's best.

We are focused on helping you build strong, influential and collaborative relationships with a range of inspiring mentors, giving you real-life exposure to innovators, entrepreneurs and industry leaders. They will guide you through your course and help shape your future.

Think science. Lead change.

Course Structure

Each semester, you will undertake four subjects comprising of your science major, science studies, Impact Through Science subjects and selective and elective subjects.

Year 1

Science Studies Science Studies Mathematics / Statistics Impact through science I
Science Studies Science Studies Selective

Year 2

Science Studies Science Studies Selective Impact through science II
Science Studies Science Studies Elective
Internship (one international)

Year 3

Science Studies Science Studies Elective Impact through science III
Science Studies Science Studies Elective
Internship (one international)

Year 4

Impact through science project
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What makes this course different from a traditional science degree?
While a strong science education forms the basis for this course, it differs considerably from a traditional science degree. This is a science honours degree with added value. Students studying the Bachelor of Science Advanced – Global Challenges (Honours) will study leadership, communication and entrepreneurship, complete two internships (one international), work with government or private enterprise to develop solutions to real-world problems, and have access to mentors and professional networks.

What are the entry criteria for this course?
A range of selection criteria apply which is outlined in Monash Coursefinder and the 2016 VTAC Guide.

Is there a minimum ATAR required for this course?
An ATAR of 90 or higher (or equivalent if non Y12 applicant) is required. SEAS applicants may be considered if the SEAS consideration applies bonus points and the ATAR is recalculated to 90 or higher.

What is the purpose of the supplementary information form?
The supplementary information form is an integral component of the selection process. We recommend applicants put forward a high quality submission to be considered for the course. We are looking for evidence that the applicants can fulfill the requirements of the course outcomes.

When and where will the interviews be held?
Dates will be published in the 2016 VTAC Guide. Interviews will be held at Monash University, Clayton campus.

Do I need to attend the interview in person?
Yes. If you are short-listed for an interview you must attend in person at the specified time and date.

Can I do this course as a double degree?
No. The Bachelor of Science Advanced – Global Challenges (Honours) is designed as a stand-alone course which gives you all the elements of a full science education, and also incorporating communication, entrepreneurship, leadership and business units.

Is progression through to an Honours year automatic?
A sustained high level of achievement must be demonstrated throughout the course. Students must achieve a distinction average each year to progress through the course.

Can students from another Monash course transfer into this course?
Yes, students apply directly to the Faculty of Science by completing an application for internal course transfer. No mid-year entry is available.

How is the course structured?
The course is comprised of core, elective and selective subjects, in addition to internships. For more on the course structure, click here.

What is a "selective" subject?
A selective is a subject you choose to study from a group of pre-determined subjects selected by the University to complement the course. For the Bachelor of Science Advanced – Global Challenges (Honours) we have selected a range of subjects from the law, business and management, and international studies.

What is an "elective" subject?
An elective is a subject you choose to study from any faculty at Monash University (provided you meet the prerequisites for the subject).

What are the "Impact Through Science" subjects in this course?
The Impact Through Science subjects focus on leadership, business, entrepreneurship and communication. In these subjects students analyse case studies, interact with and learn from the world's best, and build their own ventures—individually and in groups. You take one Impact Through Science subject each semester during the first three years of your course. During the Honours year, the Impact Through Science subject takes the form of a year-long project.

Does Monash University assist in funding the international internship?
Monash will provide financial support for the international internship as part of the program.

How do I apply for the course?
Please refer to Monash Coursefinder.  Students currently enrolled in a Monash course can apply via an internal course transfer application.

What is the study load for this course?
This course is available as a full-time study load only.

Can I defer my place in this course?
No. It is not possible to defer a place in this course.

Get Involved and Become a Mentor!

Are you interested in becoming a mentor?

We are looking for experienced business people and entrepreneurs to mentor our students while they launch and grow their businesses.

During the Global Challenges course all of our students will start their own businesses. The Science Faculty provides the funding, work spaces and a rich learning community. All we need are the people who have been there, done that to help our students make sense of it all and guide them through their journey.

What we ask of you:

  • You will act as a mentor our student founders for a defined three month period (March-May) when the students are in undertaking their incubator semester.
  • During this rapid pace and real-world learning experience our founders will need timely and expert guidance. Therefore we ask that you are available to meet with the student at least every two weeks (any medium is fine).

What you get:

  • As a friend of the Global Challenges course you will become part of our rapidly growing community. We will invite you to key global challenges events to network with other supporters and Faculty members.
  • Our students are hand-picked for their professionalism, positive attitude and desire to make a positive change in society. When people work with our students they frequently mention them as a great source of inspiration and delight – your mentoring will be pivotal in their success.

The Global Challenges course is a one of a kind course in Australia, your involvement will ensure the success of this innovative and forward looking science degree.

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