Monash team receives BioCurate support to develop anti-thrombotic treatment

Professor Christoph Hagemeyer, Head of the NanoBiotechnology Laboratory at Monash University, and his team have received Proof of Concept funding from BioCurate to develop a first-in-class antibody-based therapy that specifically targets acute thrombosis, the cause of many heart attacks, strokes and vascular blockages.

Myocardial infarction and stroke are the two single most common causes of death worldwide due, in part, to limitations with current medicines. Professor Hagemeyer’s team have developed a novel approach to inhibiting thrombosis by “uncoupling” this inhibition from adverse effects such as severe bleeding.

In addition, this new therapeutic is predicted to be of great benefit to patients requiring heart and lung transplants.  These transplants need mechanical support in the form of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), where thrombosis is a common and life-threatening complication.

ECMO usage has increased recently, as it is also necessary for critical Covid patients with respiratory failure. By reducing ECMO-related thrombosis, the novel antibody therapy being developed has the potential to improve life span and quality of life for patients suffering from COVID and other severe respiratory or cardiovascular diseases.

With the financial support and drug development expertise of BioCurate, the team will validate this new anti-thrombotic approach and further progress development of the antibody-based therapeutic towards a preclinical candidate.

BioCurate CEO, Dr Damien Bates said, “BioCurate is delighted to be able to support Professor Hagemeyer in developing this important research further along the translational pipeline.  Not only does it align with our mission to translate medical research into high quality pre-clinical candidates, but it addresses a serious and poorly treated clinical problem.”

Professor Hagemeyer said, "We are very excited to bring our novel antibody from the bench closer to the bedside with help from the great team at BioCurate and make an impact in the cardiovascular disease indication.

"Our antibody targets a never before explored thrombotic mechanism that can potentially provide anti-thrombotic therapy without adverse effects."

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