ODDE Business Processes

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Learning and Teaching Business Processes

Assessment Regime Business Process
Assessment Word Count Business Process
Calculators in Examinations Business Process
Credit Business Process
Feedback on End of Semester Assessment and Examinations Business Process
Hurdle and Additional Assessment Business Process
Online Exam Security and Turnitin Business Process (Staff only)
Online Teacher Engagement Business Process
Result Finalisation Business Process
Archive of assessment policies

Teaching and learning conduct
(including clinical and fieldwork placements)

Academic Integrity, Plagiarism and Collusion Policy
Academic Integrity, Plagiarism and Collusion Procedure (Staff Only)
Academic Progress Intervention Strategy Guidelines
Academic Progress Intervention Strategy Procedures
Practical Guide for Clinical Fieldwork Supervisors
Professional Behaviour Intervention Business Process
Student Placement Guide
Unsatisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Teaching and learning management

Course Coordinator Business Process (Staff Only)
Course Administrator Responsibilities (Staff Only)
Chief Examiner Business Process (Staff only)
Education Governance Business Process
Hybrid concurrent teaching activities -  learn how to modify activities for implementation in a hybrid concurrent environment
Hybrid teaching models - this recommends how to design and teach in different learning environments
Marking payment determination (Staff Only)
Online moderation - learn different possible moderation options and recommendations to apply in your hybrid classroom
Payment guidelines for teaching staff (Staff Only)
School Directors of Education Expectations (Staff Only)
Staff Qualifications Guidelines (Staff Only)
Unit Coordinator Business Process (Staff Only)