1. The Chinese-English/English-Chinese Dictionary Project

First published on line: June 2010

Over the years of IGCP493 and into the future with IGCP587, a project to record technical terms used in Chinese palaeontological and geological publications was pursued. This project followed on an earlier one to record those terms used in palaeontological literature concerning vertebrates along with others of general geological relevance. The dictionary of palaeontological terms emphasizes those useful with regard to invertebrates, a companion to the first published Chinese-English/English-Chinese Dictionary of Vertebrate Palaeontology Terms published in 1994. Both books will be now published on line on the IGCP493/IGCP587 website.

Chinese-English Dictionary

Rich, P. V., Zhang, Y.P., Chow, M.C., Wang, B.Y., Komarower, P and Fan, J. H. A Chinese-English and English-Chinese Dictionary of Palaeontology Terms. [PDF 4.7 MB]

Vertebrate Dictionary

Rich, P., Zhang, Y., Chow, M., Wang, B., Komarower, P., Fan, J., Sloss, R., Moody, J.K.M. and Dawson, J. 1994. A Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionary of vertebrate palaeontology terms. Melbourne, Monash University, 2nd ed. 358 p. [PDF 4.8 MB]

2. The Flight: Boris S. Sokolov

The Flight: Boris S. Sokolov (colour pdf, 219mb)
Natural History and Paleontology in the Changing Landscape of 20th and early 21st Century Russia
by Patricia Arlene Vickers Rich with Boris S. Sokolov