Vice-Chancellor's Executive Committee

This is the principal management committee of the University. The Executive Committee advises the Vice-Chancellor on all matters of strategy, policy and budget including Capital and IT plans.

Terms of reference

The Committee will:

  • Endorse the University's strategic plan for submission to Council;
  • Endorse the University's annual plan;
  • Endorse the annual budget and forward estimates and recommend these to Resources and Finance Committee;
  • Oversee and endorse the University's Capital and IT program and major projects to ensure the alignment of these activities with the University's strategic plan;
  • Determine significant matters relating to University management policy and procedures as well as operational matters relating to large scale changes in academic policy, for example in areas including but not limited to:
    • Research;
    • Learning and Teaching;
    • External Engagement;
    • Global Engagement; and
    • Professional Services.
  • Review the University's strategic risk profile.

Meeting frequency

The VCEC will meet once every three weeks.


Substitutes will not be permitted unless a member plans to be absent from the University for more than four weeks.


The following shall be ex officio members of the committee:

Name Position
Professor Margaret Gardner Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
Professor Edwina Cornish Provost
Mr Peter Marshall COO
Mr David Pitt CFO
Professor Abid Khan  DVC Global Engagement
Professor Chris Davies President of Academic Board
Professor Shane Murray  Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture
Professor Rae Frances  Faculty of Arts
Professor Colm Kearney  Faculty of Business and Economics
Professor Frieder Seible Faculties of Engineering and IT
Professor John Loughran   Faculty of Education
Professor Bryan Horrigan    Faculty of Law
Professor Christina Mitchell Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Professor John Carroll  Faculty of Biomedical and Psychological Sciences
Professor Bill Charman Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Professor Scott O'Neill  Faculty of Science
Professor Pauline Nestor  Vice Provost (Research) and Senior Vice Provost
Professor Darrell Evans  Vice Provost (Learning and Teaching)
Professor Zlatko Skrbis Vice Provost (Graduate Education)
Professor Helen Bartlett   PVC and President (Monash University Malaysia)
Mr Russell Elliott Vice President (Services)

In attendance:

  • Vice-Chancellor's Chief of Staff
  • Secretary to EC

Other senior staff to attend by invitation as appropriate.

Meeting dates for 2017

Meetings take place normally on a three weekly cycle on Wednesdays.

Submission dates Meeting dates
18 Jan 24 Jan
2 Mar 8 Mar
23 Mar 29 Mar
13 Apr 19 Apr
18 May 24 May
7 Jun 13 Jun
28 Jun 4 Jul
27 Jul 2 Aug
18 Aug 24 Aug
7 Sep 13 Sep
27 Sep 3 Oct
19 Oct 25 Oct
9 Nov 15 Nov
7 Dec 13 Dec

All submissions to VCEC should be prefaced with the one-page summary sheet (DOCX, 0.7 MB).

Contact information

Professor Margaret Gardner AO
Phone: (03) 9902 9851

Ms Kerrie Edwards
Phone: (03) 9902 9851