Monash Planning Framework

The Monash Planning Framework was approved by University Council in December 2014.

For online versions of Monash plans see: Monash strategic and other plans.

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Pyramid diagram showing hierarchy of Monash University operational plans and their relevant timeframes

Plan Description Timeframe
Monash Strategic Plan A statement of strategic direction for theUniversity and the principal component of the Strategic Planning Framework towhich other major University Plans are aligned. The Monash Strategic Plan definesthe mission, vision and guiding principles of the University and sets out the prioritiesfor these to be realised. 5 years 
Monash Academic Plan A statement of targets in place to enhanceeducation and research output by engaging the most talented, increasingparticipation, improving graduate outcomes and leveraging industrycollaboration.  5 years
Monash International Plan A statement of targets in place to improve theUniversity's position on international rankings, grow opportunities forstudents, researchers and collaborative partners worldwide, and expandparticipation in the Monash global community.  5 years
Implementation Plan A round-up of key initiatives in place to meet institutional-levelobjectives of the Monash Strategic Plan. 3 year rolling plan reviewed annually
Faculty and President-led Campus Plans The objectives, risks, measures and targetsidentified by each faculty and President-led campus to deliver on the four goals set out by the MonashStrategic Plan.  3 year rolling plan reviewed annually
Enabling Plans Statements on the culture, infrastructure,environment and resources that each portfolio of the University requires inorder to achieve the goals set out in the Monash Strategic Plan. 3-5 year rolling