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Christiane Barro wins Walkley for Student of the Year

Monash University journalism student Christiane Barro won the Walkley Award for student journalist of the year in Sydney last night.

Arts & culture

Monash shines at Australian Road Research Awards

Monash University has been presented with two important honors at the inaugural Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) Awards in Melbourne.

Engineering & technology

Monash Reaffirms core values of inclusion and support for all students

This week the communities of Monash University and the University of Melbourne were confronted with racist material appearing in various locations on campus.

University news

Monash Earth scientist involved in international research that solves mystery of the Tibetan Plateau

The shape of the Tibetan Plateau – also known as the world’s rooftop – may be controlled by the strength of the tectonic plates - shedding new light on how it was formed.


Towards a portable test for tiredness

Saliva or blood tests may one day be used to detect when we’re too tired to drive or think clearly according to a Monash University-led study.

Medicine & health

Breaking the genetic resistance of lung cancer and melanoma – major step in treating some of the hardest to kill cancers

Researchers from Monash University and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center have discovered why some cancers are able to quickly develop deadly resistance to targeted therapies.

Medicine & health

Monash University’s Railway Research Institute to install latest condition monitoring technologies onto Hong Kong’s MTR network

Monash University’s Institute of Railway Technology is strengthening its international collaboration with the Hong Kong MTR Corporation, to install the latest and most advanced condition monitoring technologies.

Engineering & technology

Campus vending machines deliver healthy snack choice

Students and staff can grab a healthy snack or drink, following the introduction of new vending machines offering healthy food choices across Monash University campuses.

University news