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Monash researchers help discover genetic secret for climate change defence in trees

Major new international research involving Monash University has found that despite 140 million years of independent evolution, two distinct types of coniferous trees use the same small set of 47 genes (of 23,000) to rapidly adapt to varying climates


Monash University ranked in top 0.5 per cent of Universities in the world

Monash University’s standing as one of the world’s leading universities has been reinforced overnight with the release of the prestigious Times Higher Education rankings in London.

University news
30 Research Way

Monash University recognised as passive house pioneer

Monash University is leading the charge in passive house design, after being nominated in three separate building sustainability awards for the transformation of a 1960s warehouse on the Clayton campus.

University news
Giovanni Di Lieto

Migrants are sacrificing their working rights because of greedy governments

Governments want all the benefits of the free movement of goods, capital, services, ideas and labour, but tend to neglect the rights of workers. This imbalance may mean countries lose the benefits of a globalised labour movement in the end.


How Airbnb is reshaping our cities

Infrastructure in our cities – let’s call it the hardware – remains much the same as ever, but the software – the way we use it – is transforming rapidly. One piece of that software, Airbnb, is dramatically reshaping...

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Jean Armstrong

Trailblazing engineer scoops international accolade from prestigious institution

A leading telecommunications researcher from Monash University has received a prestigious award from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Engineering & technology

iPhone hack attack shows why we need to rein in the trade in spyware

Downloading security updates for computers and mobile devices is a regular routine for most of us.

Engineering & technology

Insults, offence and words that wound: why language needs to be handled with care

Who can say what to whom in Australia? In this six-part series, we look at the complex idea of freedom of speech, who gets to exercise it and whether it is being curtailed in public debate.

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