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brain scans

Monash lands major grant towards Alzheimer’s research

As the first of September marks the start of Dementia Awareness Month in Australia, Monash University today announced the award of a significant grant by The Wellcome Trust towards funding research into treatments for Alzheimer’s and other debilit

Medicine & health

It’s not so out there – learn how to live on Mars

Getting to Mars is relatively easy, but how do you live there?

Professor Chown

Monash University Professor elected to head the influential Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)

Renowned biologist Professor Steven Chown has been elected President of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) which facilitates internationally significant research in and about Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.


How assessing broken ships can help assess broken bones

The way we assess healing of fractured bones is being revolutionised by a global, Monash University-led research team working on a United States Navy-funded project.

Engineering & technology
Eva Alisic appointed co-chair

Monash part of high-level scientific advisory group on global policymaking

Monash University is playing a key part in a new international scientific partnership, which will support science’s role in tackling significant sustainable development challenges.

Mick Dodson

Monash University appoints Professor Mick Dodson as Vice-Chancellor's Professorial Fellow

Eminent Australian, Professor Mick Dodson AM, has been appointed a Vice-Chancellor’s Professorial Fellow by Monash University, where he will provide advice, leadership and mentoring on matters relating to Indigenous affairs.

University news
Colin Caprani

Earthquakes don’t kill, our collapsing structures do. So how can we build them to stay up?

The magnitude 6.2 earthquake that struck central Italy this week has so far resulted in the deaths of at least 250 people.

Engineering & technology

Monash University research gives us a crash course in cycling in Melbourne

Researchers from Monash University have undertaken unique road accident research by turning their analysis to cyclists.

Medicine & health