Proof points

If you make a claim in your writing, you must support it with solid evidence. Without proof, you run the risk of sounding hollow or boastful.

In marketing-speak, a proof point is an example that offers irrefutable evidence of the quality, importance or uniqueness of something. Proof points ensure your writing is accurate, convincing and believable.

For example, if you claim:

Our Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences is a world leader.

Back it up with something like:

We are the only Australian university in the M8 Alliance, a collaboration of academic institutions of educational and research excellence.

You can use proof points to demonstrate a faculty's overall strength, highlight the uniqueness of a particular degree program or champion a groundbreaking research achievement by an individual. In the tertiary education sector, products or offerings can appear similar when they may actually have different  features, standards or benefits. A good proof point jumps out at your audience and gives credence to your claim.

The Office of Media and Communications has developed a 'key message matrix' for all the faculties and four Monash campuses – Berwick, Prato, South Africa and Sunway. This document includes proof points that correspond with Monash values and ambitions. They highlight success stories and benefits  from a range of perspectives. Some feature our students, researchers and courses; others describe our place in the community or highlight the overall benefits of going to Monash. If you'd like to see your faculty's key message matrix, ask your faculty marketing manager, or talk to the brand team within OMC.

Our News and events site is also an excellent source of proof points. You can also gather stories from the media (including curated sites like The Conversation), your colleagues, and faculty academics.

Here are some examples of proof points and claims they support.

Highlighting Monash as a whole

Claim: Monash helps people of all backgrounds to attend university.
Proof point: Monash Abroad provides financial assistance to those students who may not otherwise be able to travel to Monash Prato and enrol in units which enhance their degree and transform their education experience.

Highlighting a faculty through the work of a graduate

Claim: Monash engineering graduates are doing great things overseas.
Proof point: Monash engineering graduate Marc Colella worked as a structural engineer in charge of building the Freedom Tower, a 105-storey building with 120-metre spire that will be one of the biggest towers built on the World Trade Centre site in New York.

Highlighting the benefits of studying a particular course at Monash

Claim: Our Bachelor of Arts is unique.
Proof point: Monash Arts has the largest number of double degrees and largest number of disciplines offered by any university in Australia – some courses, like Ukrainian, are not offered at any other university. We offer very flexible degrees, and you can choose a major from another faculty  at undergraduate level.

Highlighting a research achievement

Claim: We continue to find answers to some of the world's most pressing issues.
Proof point: Relenza (Zanamivir) is a first in-class antiviral drug developed for the treatment and prevention of influenza. A research team at the faculty designed and discovered Zanamivir, which was subsequently developed by Biota and GlaxoSmithKline.