Systems garden

Clayton Systems garden

The Systems garden was created in the 1970s by Monash's garden curators at the time, Robert McClure and Graeme McGregor.  On a campus predominantly planted with Australian natives, the Systems garden is a haven of exotic plants from around the world, labelled and grouped according to their family.  In 2009, the Systems garden underwent significant refurbishment with a new 200,000L water tank installed below the lawn to harvest rainwater for irrigating the garden, as well as filling the cisterns of neighbouring buildings. The garden features many unusual trees including Maidenhair (Gingko biloba), Bat's Wing Coral Tree (Erythrina vespertilio) and an African Sausage Tree (Kigelia Africana). The Bat's Wing Coral Tree is recognised as a Significant Tree by the National Trust of Australia (Victoria).

Did you know? The gardens earn their name from the biological term "Systematics" – the science dedicated to understanding the diversity of the living world.

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