West Gate garden

Clayton Westgate garden

As part of an ongoing initiative to provide students with many varied places to gather, the West Gate garden was created in 1994.  The central focus of the garden is the ephemeral pond, or "billabong" which acts as an infiltration basin and water source for birds. The garden features plenty of places to sit amongst a selection of plant species which tolerate both wet and dry conditions including collections of Sheoaks (Casuarina sp.), Paperbarks (Melaleuca sp.) and Emu Bushes (Eremophila sp.).

Did you know? Housed in the West Gate garden are fragments from the collapsed section of Victoria's West Gate Bridge.  Following the 1970 collapse of the West Gate Bridge between piers 10 and 11, Monash University was asked to participate in the investigation into the cause.  It is said that these twisted fragments were placed in the West Gate garden to remind future engineers of the consequences of errors.

Map location: 9