The following values will underpin the behaviours and decisions of the University and shape Monash culture. They will be evident in the way we treat each other, and in the way we conduct ourselves within our communities – with students, alumni, staff, partners, industry, government and non-governmental organisations – locally and internationally.

  • Discovering

    We nurture curiosity and innovation in the pursuit of new knowledge to build our understanding of natural and social environments and their peoples.

  • Learning

    We are open to experiment and testing our understanding with evidence; we adapt and learn from experience, others and new circumstances; we are always ‘still learning’.

  • Purposeful

    We aspire to use our knowledge and learning to improve our communities; we strive to transform our understanding and engagement to make an impact through contributing to solutions to significant challenges and persistent problems.

  • Collaborative

    We seek to work with others to achieve our goals, and commit to engaging cooperatively, collegially and responsively to developing shared aims and benefits.

  • Honest

    We commit to acting in good faith with integrity and transparency in our relations within and outside the University community.

  • Fair

    We pledge to treat all people justly and with respect, making objective and unbiased decisions, and to preventing behaviours such as discrimination, vilification, harassment and violence that inhibit the full engagement of people in our community.


Apart from the values and culture of the University, three other elements are foundational to the capacity to achieve the purpose and goals of this Strategic Plan. Staff expertise, organisational sustainability and financial sustainability form key capabilities on which implementation must rely.

Strategic plan

Impact 2030

Monash University has capabilities through its international profile, its record for innovation and collaboration, and the quality of its education and research to develop and equip graduates and our communities for a better future. We encourage you to read Monash University’s Strategic Plan, Impact 2030, and join our aspiration to make a positive impact on the global challenges of the age.

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