Excellent - education

  • build knowledge and capabilities to understand and meet the future demands of the fields and professions studied – professions of and for the future;
  • encourage understanding and ability to contribute to the ideas and debates surrounding climate change, geopolitical security and thriving communities, and the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – sustainability focus;
  • support abilities to learn and adapt to changing circumstances, to communicate with others about key knowledge and skills, and to engage collaboratively to shape outcomes and solutions – employability and leadership skills;
  • build recognition and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experience and knowledge, and of Indigenous peoples in the Indo-Pacific – cultural enhancement; and
  • provide rich learning experiences for students that:
    • foster deep engagement across international borders and with other cultures, particularly through Monash campuses across the world – global immersion;
    • develop and enhance the generation of innovative ideas and projects, individually or in teams – enterprising and resourceful experimentation.