Monash University Statement on the Voice to Parliament

In August 2021, Monash University committed, via its Strategic Plan, Impact 2030, to supporting and contributing to the Uluru Statement from the Heart process including a First Nations’ Voice to the Commonwealth Parliament of Australia. The process outlined in the Uluru Statement from the Heart is intended to empower Indigenous Australians and contribute to justice and self-determination.

Since 1964 Monash University has demonstrated its commitment to Indigenous peoples and cultures from the creation of the Centre for Research into Aboriginal Affairs to the more recent establishment of the William Cooper Institute, a hub for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research, learning, and engagement. William Cooper in 1937 petitioned King George V for Aboriginal representation that would give Aboriginal people a voice in federal parliament 1. Monash University supports Indigenous peoples having meaningful input into decisions that affect their lives and their futures.

In February 2023 Monash University reaffirms its commitment to contributing to the process outlined in the Uluru Statement from the Heart. We look forward to a future where Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians walk together toward a fair and truthful relationship and create a vibrant and prosperous future.

[1] Bain Attwood (2021), William Cooper: An Aboriginal Life Story, Melbourne: Melbourne University Press.