What it means for you as a Monash staff member

Impact 2030 is the new Monash University strategy that sets out our direction for the next decade, including how we will address global challenges for the benefit of the community. This builds on previous achievements, including from the last strategic plan, Focus Monash.

Impact 2030 is important for all members of our community and we will work collectively with our students, staff, alumni and partners to deliver to our ambition. This is a summary of key elements of Impact 2030, including what it means for you as a Monash staff member.

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Our purpose

Through excellent research and education, and the strength and diversity of our staff, students and alumni in collaboration with our partners, Monash University will meet the challenges of the age for the benefit of national and international communities.

Monash University will seek to:

  • Recruit and build a diverse and inclusive community which upholds the principles of equality and non-discrimination
  • Grow the participation and engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Ensure our development, recognition and reward programs help you to boost your contribution and career
  • Encourage and assist you to undertake development and leadership programs to support you in learning new skills and meeting new circumstances
  • Offer opportunities to contribute to and advance solutions to the challenges of climate change, geopolitical security and thriving communities through our education, research and services
  • Encourage you to collaborate in entrepreneurial and innovative ways, across organisational boundaries and through our network of international campuses and ecosystem of industry partners
  • Foster cultural transformation that creates a sense of belonging, encourages respectful discussion and debate, protects academic freedom and freedom of speech, stimulates new ideas and strengthens behaviours that support the University’s values

Global challenges

Over this decade three challenges are significant for us all and global in their scale and implications. Addressing these challenges will mean drawing on our strengths in education, research, and our services, and the way we engage with our partners and communities.

Our goals

  • Excellent

    Undertaking education and research of the highest international quality that addresses global challenges and develops understanding and solutions for the betterment of our communities.

  • International

    Building the strength and scale of our international research and education programs to ensure they respond to the challenges and opportunities of our nation, our region and the world.

  • Enterprising

    Developing enduring alliances and partnerships with industry, government and other organisations, including philanthropic partners, that will enrich our ability to innovate, to infuse our students and staff with enterprising capabilities, and provide opportunities to apply our research to make a significant impact by developing solutions for the betterment of our communities.

  • Inclusive

    Seeking talented students and staff, irrespective of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, disability, cultural, social or economic circumstances and any other personal protected characteristic, and building a diverse and connected community of students, staff and alumni who are deeply engaged with the wider community and supporting the dissemination of university knowledge and practice.

Our values

  • Discovering

    We nurture curiosity and innovation in the pursuit of new knowledge to build our understanding of natural and social environments and their peoples.

  • Learning

    We are open to experiment and testing our understanding with evidence; we adapt and learn from experience, others and new circumstances; we are always ‘still learning’.

  • Purposeful

    We aspire to use our knowledge and learning to improve our communities; we strive to transform our understanding and engagement to make an impact through contributing to solutions to significant challenges and persistent problems.

  • Collaborative

    We seek to work with others to achieve our goals and commit to engaging co-operatively, collegially and responsively to developing shared aims and benefits.

  • Honest

    We commit to acting in good faith with integrity and transparency in our relations within and outside the University community.

  • Fair

    We pledge to treat all people justly and with respect, making objective and unbiased decisions, and to preventing behaviours such as discrimination, vilification, harassment and violence that inhibit the full engagement of people in our community.

Strategic plan

Impact 2030

Monash University has capabilities through its international profile, its record for innovation and collaboration, and the quality of its education and research to develop and equip graduates and our communities for a better future. We encourage you to read Monash University’s Strategic Plan, Impact 2030, and join our aspiration to make a positive impact on the global challenges of the age.

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