Regulatory framework

Monash University’s Regulatory Framework comprises the state legislation establishing the university, the statutes and regulations made by Council, the Academic Board, and the Vice-Chancellor, the administrative and academic powers which the Council and the Vice-Chancellor delegate to committees or to specified university officers, any applicable Council resolutions and Vice-Chancellor notices and designations made pursuant to the Act and Statute, and the approved policies and procedures which specify activities, responsibilities and accountabilities in greater detail.

Monash University Act (2009)

Monash University operates under the Monash University Act 2009 (Vic). This Act sets out the objects, powers and functions of Monash University. It establishes the Council, the Academic Board, and the position of the Chancellor, Deputy Chancellors and the Vice-Chancellor, and gives the Council the power to make statutes and regulations, and includes matters such as the University’s property, financial and commercial activities.

Monash University Statute

There is one Statute, made by the Council in 2014 to replace all previous statutes. It covers matters including the appointment of the Chancellor, Deputy Chancellors and the Vice-Chancellor, Faculties and their governance, conferring of degrees, student exclusion and discipline, and empowers the Vice-Chancellor and the Academic Board to make  regulations.

Regulations and Resolutions

The Council, the Academic Board and the Vice-Chancellor have made regulations pursuant to powers conferred on them by the Act and Statute. They cover various procedural and administrative matters in greater detail, for example, processes relating to Council meetings and committees, student discipline, recognised student associations, requirements for admission to the University, and student loans.



The Statute and Regulations require certain resolutions, notices and designations to be made.


The Act and Regulations empower the Council, the Academic Board and the Vice-Chancellor to delegate certain of their powers, functions and activities to other officers or to committees. Management Delegations focus on who can sign contracts and other documents on behalf of the University and Human Resources functions.

Approvals Matrix

The Approvals Matrix delineates the approval boundaries between the Council, Resources and Finance Committee and the Vice-Chancellor in relation to various categories of income and expenditure, including research and consulting income, Capital Development Plan Projects, and procurement contracts.