Achievement relative to opportunity

Achievement Relative to Opportunity (also known as 'Relative to Opportunity') is a positive acknowledgement of what a staff member can and has achieved given the opportunities available to them. It supports a more calibrated assessment of their performance.

Achievement Relative to Opportunity acknowledges diverse career histories, a range of personal and professional circumstances and working arrangements. It is not about providing special consideration, diluting merit or lessening standards of performance. Applying Achievement Relative to Opportunity principles facilitates more equitable decision-making and promotes fairness.

The profiles of many staff no longer match the traditional norms of full-time work hours and an uninterrupted career path. The framework expands our capacity to view profiles, outputs and achievements more equitably across the diversity of career pathways.

Examples where Achievement Relative to Opportunity must be applied:

  • Recruitment
  • Academic promotion
  • Academic probation confirmation
  • Outside study program
  • Performance development
  • Internal grant opportunities