Examples of relevant circumstances

Relevant circumstances typically represent disruptions, interruptions, non-traditional patterns of achievements or deviations from an established trajectory, sometimes also described as 'career hijacks'.

Examples of relevant circumstances may include (but are not limited to):

  • career interruptions or disruptions caused by parental leave, major or prolonged illness/injury, carer responsibilities
  • impairment, temporary or permanent disability
  • personal trauma (for example bereavement, domestic and family violence)
  • periods of part-time work, late or non-linear entry into academia, change in discipline focus, varied workload or relocation of a research laboratory or clinical practice setting or long-service leave
  • country relocation or relocation of a research laboratory
  • cultural or religious expectations
  • impact of major events such as natural disasters (flooding, bushfires, storms, earthquakes), pandemics (such as the COVID-19 pandemic), war or political unrest
  • other emergency situations, and/or
  • other similar circumstances that impact productivity and success.