Inclusive recruitment

Our commitment

The University’s longstanding commitment to fair and inclusive recruitment practices is critical to ensuring progress towards our ambitious gender equality goals and to fostering diversity and inclusion at the organisation.

Monash University’s Strategic Plan, Impact 2030 sets a strong commitment to “engage with and recruit students and staff, irrespective of any protected personal characteristic, including gender, sexuality, disability, ethnicity, race, religion or socio-economic disadvantage, to build a community that represents the diversity of our communities.”

Inclusive hiring

Inclusive hiring is the process of actively engaging with, interviewing and hiring a diversity of candidates through a bias free process and valuing the strengths diversity brings. This means encouraging applicants from diverse backgrounds as well as acknowledging the diverse range of experiences, values, perspectives and qualities each candidate can bring to the organisation.

Hiring managers and members of selection panels play a crucial role in championing equitable practices that seek to eliminate bias, challenge stereotypes and promote equality. An inclusive hiring is instrumental in objectively identifying talent. It goes beyond recruiting people from underrepresented backgrounds, it’s about fostering a more inclusive experience for applicants and adopting an equity-based mindset.

Relevant resources

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