Intersex staff

We encourage a culture that is supportive of intersex employees. Having an intersex variation is an experience of bodily diversity where chromosomes, hormones, gonads, secondary sex characteristics or genitalia do not do not fit the typical binary definitions for male or female bodies. In accordance with our Equal Opportunity Policy, which aligns with the federal Sex Discrimination Act 1984, intersex status is a protected attribute. We recognise that in some circumstances intersex employees may require leave for medical reasons. You or your supervisor are encouraged to contact your HR Business Partner to discuss leave entitlements and flexible working arrangements.

Further information and support:
Staff Equity and DiversityCentre of expertise for workplace equity and diversity including providing advice and support for LGBTIQA+
03 990 29915
Employee Assistance ProgramFree, confidential, professional counselling for you and your family from our Employee Assistance Program. 24 hours per day, seven days per week.1300 360 364 
or from overseas +61 2 8295 2292
Ally NetworkMonash staff who are allies to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and gender diverse, intersex, queer and questioning, asexual and aromantic plus other related identities (LGBTIQA+) community at Monash. Members of the Ally Network take a proactive stance against discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex
Manager, Ethical Conduct Monash HRFor advice regarding unacceptable behaviour, discrimination or;  
03 990 24945