How Monash responds to the greatest challenges of our time is deepened and enriched because of the contributions of our diverse community. We value this so much, we have policy and practices in place so that it can grow and be truly inclusive.

In our quest to seek talented staff and students to make the most valuable impacts; we provide educational opportunities to those who may not have it available, support research that needs to be undertaken, and undertake work to improve economic, social and justice outcomes for all. We do this to advance our communities. We will continue to forge pathways so that we can create abundant opportunities.

Our community includes:

  • 85,924 current students:
    • Caulfield (7186 - domestic, 11,310 - international)
    • Clayton (27,204 - domestic, 15,273 - international)
    • Malaysia (6792 - domestic, 2407 - international)
    • Parkville  (1463 - domestic, 568 - international)
    • Peninsula (2953 - domestic, 1338 - international)
  • 55,117 of our students are undergraduate, 25,143 are postgraduate and 5185 are research
  • An active alumni community of 420,000 across 160 countries
  • 16,667 academic and professional staff of which 9651 are female, 7006 are male and 10 are gender diverse.
  • 293 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Figures quoted based on 2020 statistics. Domestic and international student figures do not include online students, non-campus teaching locations and teach-outs at former campuses.